The Finance PhD program prepares students to engage in original research on financial markets and decision-making. Students acquire critical technical skills in economic theory, finance theory, data analysis and coding. They also learn to identify promising ideas, write compelling papers and present effectively.
Contribute to leading edge research

Our faculty’s research interests and technical approaches are broad, with particular strength in fields and methods such as:

  • Corporate finance
  • Household finance
  • Labor and finance
  • Social impact investing
  • Big data
  • Textual analysis
  • Theoretical modeling

Work with top thought leaders

Because the Finance PhD program is small, students benefit from broad access to faculty as co-authors, advisors and mentors. Students also have direct access to leading scholars within professional associations, including five members of the Finance Theory Group, five members (including one founder) of the Labor and

Additional information about our Finance faculty can be found here

General details about the curriculum, requirements, and structure of the program can be found here. Please be aware this document is not an exhaustive list of the requirements for the Program.

How to Apply

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