Welcome to Burridge Center for Finance

Since its launch in 1997, the Burridge Center for Finance along with the other Centers of Excellence work to:

  • Promote thought leadership and intellectual innovation
  • Enrich and advance business education by providing real-world context to the classroom
  • Cultivate relationships and engagement with industry leaders and organizations
  • Advance student job placement through innovative programs

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Burridge Overview Picture

Burridge family members and Leeds staff pose at the Burridge Center's 25th anniversary celebration

Burridge Center Celebrates 25 Years of Student Impact

Years of rich connections and experiences at Burridge have altered countless student futures. Burridge Center for Finance Program Director Matt Fleming, Associate Dean for Business & Government Relations Rich Wobbekind, Dick Burridge Jr., and Burridge Center Exectuive Director Sheila Duffy were among those who celebrated the center's 25th anniversary at...

Shaun Davies presenting at the podium. Students watching the talk can be seen in the foreground.
Lecture Series Honors Alumnus Who Was ‘A Presence—Not Just in Size, But in Terms of His Voice’
Portrait of Sheila Duffy against a dark background
In Search for New Executive Director, Burridge Center Finds a Leader—and Mentor
A glass piggy bank full of identical piggy banks.
The Financial Dangers Lurking in Echo Chambers