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The Burridge Center for Finance develops and supports programs, resources and events that enhance the student experience, engage our alumni, support faculty research and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas with investment practitioners. 

Since its launch in 1997, the Center has fostered research and dialogue on issues affecting money managers, their clients and securities markets.

Each year, the Burridge Center collaborates with leading academics, practitioners, and regulators to host a conference where participants discuss and debate pressing issues for security investors and money managers.

Through funding, reports and various publications, the Burridge Center supports research that informs and influences professional practice and regulation in securities markets. An important aspect of these activities is research interaction with the money management community and business media. The Center also provides critical financial and logistic support for the training of investment-management students.


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Burridge September Student Update

Welcome to the most unique Fall semester to date! The Burridge Center is working to create, host and promote various events and guest speakers to make Fall 2020 one to remember! We won't have weekly newsletter to clutter your inbox, but rather a monthly email identifying known items for the...

Burridge Center Helps Students Land Finance jobs
Burridge Center Helps Students Land Finance Jobs
Burridge Conference Jena Griswold presentating to the group
Addressing Sustainable Investing at the 2020 Burridge Center for Finance Conference
Burridge Trek
Burridge Continues Connecting Students to Careers in Finance

Burridge Conference

The Burridge Conference brings thought leaders from higher education and industry together to discuss investments and finance. The conference took place February 2020.

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Financial Treks

Treks bring exceptional students from the Finance and Quantitative Finance programs and Investment Banking Seminar to New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

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The Bloomberg Lab

Featuring Bloomberg Terminals with access to cutting edge tech delivering fast access to indispensable news, data and trading tools for students, staff and faculty.

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Meet Nathan

Nathan graduated in May 2019 with an Economics minor. He now works at Goldman Sachs in New York as an Investment Banking Analyst. He says he is most excited for the learning and growth opportunities that banking offers, and he will undergo a large amount of training, face a steep learning curve, and be placed in a competitive work environment. Nathan says that he enjoys situations that require him to analyze strategies, environmental conditions, structure, and future opportunities. From an educational standpoint, Nathan credits the Investment Banking seminar course for providing him exposure to the fundamentals of corporate finance and investment banking. Additionally he took advantage of the Bloomberg Lab at Leeds, which allowed him to explore and learn about various market concepts. Nathan also thanks the Leeds Career Office for ensuring he was prepared for interviews and knowledgeable about the industry.