Information for All Prospective Transfer Students to Leeds from Another College or University

We are delighted that you are considering transferring to the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

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To be admitted as a transfer student, you must have the following:

  • Cumulative college GPA of 3.00 or higher, and
  • Completion of the following classes with competitive letter grades:
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Either statistics (business statistics strongly preferred) or calculus

Tip: Use to confirm that your economics classes transfer to CU as ECON 2010 (Micro) and ECON 2020 (Macro), and that your statistics class will transfer as BCOR 1025 (the Leeds business statistics class). You can meet the admissions requirement with a transferrable statistics class that isn’t equivalent to BCOR 1025, but you will still need to take BCOR 1025 if you enroll here. See the FAQ below, for an explanation of why only certain statistics classes count toward the Leeds degree requirements.

To learn more about how your credit will transfer to CU and Leeds, see steps 1 and 2 on the Transfer Credit Process.

Please work with Pre-Transfer Advising as you plan your transfer to Leeds.

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If you are looking for information regarding transferring to Leeds from another school or college within University of Colorado Boulder, see the information on “Intra-University Transfer to Leeds” (IUT).

Transferring from Colorado Community Colleges to Leeds

If you are transferring from a Colorado Community College to Leeds at CU Boulder, in addition to meeting the transfer student requirements listed above, here is some important information for you. You should also learn about the Sharer Scholarship, a scholarship specifically designed to help students who transfer from Colorado Community Colleges to CU Boulder.

If you plan to transfer before finishing your Associate’s Degree:

  • You can transfer to Leeds if you meet the transfer student admissions criteria. You do not need to earn the Associate’s Degree to be eligible for transfer.
  • Your transfer coursework will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis, instead of as a “package” (as it would be if you complete a “Degree with Designation”).
  • Use Transferology to see how your credit will transfer to CU.
    • Transferology shows the transfer equivalencies for CU credit, but it doesn’t exactly how the credits count toward the business degree. Some of our core courses (e.g., BCOR 2301, Business Law) are only 1.5 credits, so if you take BUS 216, Legal Environment of Business, in the Colorado Community College System, you transfer in 1.5 credits for BCOR 2301 and 1.5 credits of business electives.
  • You can work with the advisor at your Community College, and we also encourage you to ask questions of the transfer advisor at Leeds. The Leeds advisor will help you understand how the classes you are taking will transfer and apply to your Leeds degree.
  • We have an innovative curriculum at Leeds. That makes it a little more complex to transfer to us, but we think it is worth it! If you are careful in your course selection, your credits will transfer.

If you plan to complete an Associate’s Degree before transferring:

  • You should follow the requirements for the Degree with Designation in Business
    • See page 4 for the outline of required classes.
    • Although you can transfer to Leeds with other degree plans, this is the recommended associate’s degree program that is most closely aligned with our curriculum and will make your transfer a more seamless experience.
  • Work with your community college academic advisor on course selection and to make sure you are on track to finish your associate’s degree.
  • Once you transfer to Leeds after completing your Degree with Designation in Business, you will be able to finish your Leeds degree by taking 60 additional credits, which can be completed in 2 years if you meet all Minimum Academic Preparation Standards. See advising plan for a sample pathway to graduation.
    • There is a very specific sequence of classes you will need to take as soon as you start at Leeds. You will work closely with your academic advisor in your first semester at Leeds to make sure you are on track for your desired graduation timeline.

Transferring from Out of State Colleges or Four-Year Colleges in Colorado to Leeds

The admissions requirements (GPA and the required courses to be considered for admission) apply to you, too. Use these resources to make the most informed decisions possible:

  1. Check how your courses will transfer to CU Boulder using
  2. Work with the Leeds transfer advisor to understand exactly how your courses will apply to the Leeds degree.

Leeds transfer student FAQ’s

Many of our introductory business classes are 1.5 credits and only meet for 8 weeks.If you have transfer credit for these classes, your credit will be split so that you get 1.5 credit for the BCOR class, and 1.5 credits (or more depending on the class you are transferring in) for business electives. The full credits count toward your degree.

The Leeds curriculum builds on the foundational classes that students take in their first four semesters.As a transfer student, your first priority will be to get caught up with our curricular sequence as quickly as possible so be sure to meet with your Leeds advisor to develop a plan.

Math 1112 is an Excel-based problem solving class unlike any math classes you have likely taken before.Calculus does not fulfill the Math 1112 requirement.If you have strong Excel skills, you may be interested in taking the Leeds math requirement exemption exam.

The Leeds statistics requirement (BCOR 1025) is a stats class based in Microsoft Excel.If the transfer class you took used a graphing calculator or statistics software for problem solving, it does not fulfill our degree requirement.It’s possible for you to demonstrate quantitative proficiency with another stats class to be admitted, but once at Leeds you must take BCOR 1025 in your first semester in order to get on track with our curriculum.

Once you start as a Leeds student, you are no longer allowed to transfer in BCOR-equivalent classes to apply to your degree.All area of emphasis classes must be taken at Leeds.It may be possible to transfer business elective credit, but you would need to have the classes preapproved by your academic advisor.

Foreign Language is not required within the Leeds School of Business curriculum or needed in order to complete your degree requirements. Though it is recommended, you are not required to complete a foerign language requirement

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