The Business of Technology is the Future

Big data drives many of today’s business decisions, which makes knowledge of computer science and business invaluable for tech startups, IT consulting, investment banking and more.

Leeds students have the opportunity to specialize in computer science and add in-depth technology expertise to their business degrees. Come with no previous programming experience and leave ready to design the next major algorithm. 

The rigorous Business and Computer Science Integration program allows you to complete a BS in Business Administration with a specialization in computer science without adding additional time to your studies. Students in this selective program take 28 credits of coursework in computer science in place of business and non-business electives and graduate with an in-depth knowledge in both computer science and business—the best of both worlds.

This program symbolizes the partnership between the Leeds School of Business and the College of Engineering & Applied Science – an important initiative that is reflective of today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Career Information

There is a growing demand for people with this particular skillset in both business and computer science. Graduates from this program can pursue careers in technology, data analytics, finance, consulting, and business development to name a few.

Recent graduates of this program are working in the following industries:

  • Consulting
  • Trading
  • Data, CRM, or Sales Analysts
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Corporate, Commercial, or Investment Banking

Degree Information

Business-Computer Science Integration Sample 4-Year Plan

Please review a sample outline of the curriculum and course requirements to complete this degree path. Please note that course pre-requisites are strongly enforced. Students may complete this program with any area of emphasis. The most common areas of emphasis paired with this program are Finance, Accounting, Information Management, and Business Analytics.

Calculus Requirement: Calculus 1 is a strictly enforced prerequisite for all computer science classes. Students planning to pursue this program will need to take Calculus 1 if they do not already have credit for it. In order to enroll in Calculus 1, students should take the math placement assessment to determine if they are able to start with Calculus 1 or if they need to first take Pre-Calculus. More information on the assessment and placement process can be found here.

Undergraduate Admitted and Incoming Leeds Students for Fall 2024

If you're interested in joining the Business and Computer Science Integration Program, please apply using the link below!:

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Current Leeds Students

If you are already a Leeds student in your sophomore year or earlier and are interested in joining the program, please contact your academic advisor.