Course work in accounting conveys a comprehensive understanding of the theory and concepts that underlie accounting practice. Emphasis is placed on logical reasoning and the development, understanding, and use of information, which enable students to solve problems in accounting and management of organizations and to make sound accounting policy decisions.


Accounting students have two broad career options to consider after graduation. Those who aspire to pursue careers in public accounting must become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). The CPA designation is not as critical for other career paths in accounting, but becoming a CPA can be advantageous in any accounting career. Currently, an undergraduate degree, and 27 semester hours of accounting (including auditing), is required to sit for the CPA exam in the state of Colorado.


Students who wish to become CPAs should learn the status of the educational requirements of the state in which they hope to work following graduation. Each state has a board of accountancy that can provide this information.


Accounting students who are planning careers in business, government, or non-profit enterprises and wish to earn their undergraduate degree in accounting are strongly encouraged to take substantial course work outside of the required accounting courses, such as finance, information systems, and international business.


The accounting area of emphasis takes at least three semesters beyond the Business Core to complete, and requires 18 semester hours. Students should be aware of this requirement when planning their course schedules. Students in the accounting program are strongly advised to complete BCOR 1020 in their freshman year and 2000 and 2200 in their sophomore year.