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Studying finance can be a gateway to a rewarding career on Wall Street—but there’s so much more you can do with a degree in this discipline. Finance plays a central role for consumers and businesses alike—everything from how startups raise money, to how products are priced, to how people plan for retirement. And powerful forces in technology, globalization and policy mean professionals in this space must be highly adaptable in order to create value as the goalposts shift. 

Career opportunities
The diversity of focus areas allows students to build a program that directly speaks to their career interests. Demand for finance professionals is expected to grow 7 percent—slightly ahead of U.S. industry average, but at higher-than-average salaries that make this a rewarding path, according to the federal Department of Labor.
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The Leeds finance program equips you with the curiosity and critical thinking perspective needed to explore and evaluate new technologies and platforms, with an eye toward innovations that create value, not hype. That gives you invaluable perspective as you explore the career path that’s best for you—whether you see yourself in investing, wealth management, fintech or banking, or playing a finance role in a corporate or consulting setting.  

A practical and career-oriented curriculum is further strengthened through the Burridge Center for Finance, a bridge between Leeds and professionals in capital markets, investing, banking, advising, fintech and regulation. Burridge fosters professional development through networking opportunities, thought leadership, competitions and extracurricular activities that encourage you to explore your passion for finance and find the professional path that invigorates you.

As a finance student, you can choose one of six focus areas in your area of emphasis:

  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Commercial Banking
  • Corporate Finance and Consulting
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Personal Finance

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