A full-time, 12-month, on-campus analytics master's program now starting in August

The immersive Leeds MS Program in Business Analytics focuses on the exciting and fast-growing field of "big data," and includes specialized tracks in marketing and decision science. Our analytics master’s program has received STEM designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, allowing international students extended time in the country after graduation to pursue their career goals. 

Many companies around the world have big data initiatives, but there is a serious shortage of professionals who can analyze key business data to help organizations find more efficient ways to operate, increase returns from existing offerings, and spark innovative business models. Students in the Leeds Master's in Business Analytics program gain advanced technical skills in managing big data and using statistical modeling compared to those in a typical MBA program. They also develop a deeper understanding about the business context of big data compared to computer science graduates. That blend of skills is a rare commodity, in high demand by employers.

Graduates with an MS in business analytics can increase their earnings potential by an average of 40% versus having an undergraduate degree alone. And with a 96% graduation rate and 90%+ placement rate for the Leeds MS in business analytics class of 2016, our program has proven success.

Leeds' Network of Business Partners - The Key to Your Success.

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"Partnering with the Leeds Master’s Program in 2015 was a very productive endeavor.  We hired two talented interns, both ultimately became permanent employees.  This was a win-win for both the students and our company.  We look forward to participating in the internship program again in 2016!" 

Senior Supply Chain Manager


A key calling card of the new Leeds Master's Program in Business Analytics is a commitment to preparing its budding professionals for life in the real world.  Critical to achieving that goal is development of key partnerships with companies with a presence in Colorado to provide student internships as part of curriculum for the master’s degree.  These partnerships not only provide students important hands-on experience on real projects, but also deepen the relationship between business and the Leeds School that will reap strong benefits on an ongoing basis in terms of advice, input, mentoring, etc., as well as many more aspects that are key to business program success.  A common success factor of business degree programs around the world is a strong relationship with the business community and that's important to Leeds.

The MS Program in Business Analytics has partnered with over 30 companies, representing a mix of both large, multinational companies and local Boulder businesses, across a myriad of industries to offer our students hand-on practical experience. 

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U.S. News & World Report Master's Programs Attract Women

In a recent article, U.S. News & World Report reported: “Unlike MBA Programs that are often male-dominated, specialized master’s degree programs in marketing and communications at business schools attract a large percentage of woman.” The Leeds School of Business Master’s Program in Business Analytics was mentioned in this article as an example of a business school offering new specialized programs that have a special appeal to women due to the focus in marketing. Women comprised 50% of Leeds business analytics graduating class of 2015. 

Some of the positions these women received upon graduation included:

  • Lead Analyst – Marketing Attribution Software Development
  • Data Strategist- Marketing Consumer Product Retail
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Management Consulting

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