To positively transform the future
of global business by inspiring
and educating next generation
business leaders and creating
impactful knowledge.





Leeds Mission


To be an internationally
recognized leader in a
vibrant business community
creating economic and
social prosperity around
the globe.

Leeds' vision 

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Our Values

A culture of high aspirations



We are ambitious, but we remain postured in humility

We practice mutual respect in all interactions and we lead by example

We embody professionalism, ethics & accountability, always


We create an environment where everyone is uniquely & collectively valued

We recognize that differing perspectives lead to deeper understanding, greater creativity & improved outcomes

We seek to develop empathy & to continuously learn from & about others

Academic Excellence

We aspire to create academic value within & outside the Leeds community

We hold ourselves & others to a high standard of excellence

We strive to make positive impacts in our community and around the world


We foster a mutually supportive environment that embraces a healthy & respectful curiosity of difference in ideology & identity

We foster a culture of respect that elicits pride & dedication to Leeds & our community

We commit to the betterment of our community & ourselves, & we celebrate success along the way

Forward Looking

We encourage innovation, creativity & entrepreneurial action, recognizing the value of challenge & failure

We seek & welcome new ideas, new ways of working & feedback as we continually strive toward excellence

We embrace & lead with tenacity as we work toward a future that will look different from our world today