Add a New Dimension to Your Career

Executive education at the Leeds School of Business is uniquely designed to develop the essential competencies and sensibilities required of exemplary leaders in today’s evolving business landscape. Our programs include unique experiential elements that put concepts into practice and gain powerful insights by sharing knowledge with others in the room. Whether you’re focused on professional growth, advancement, or growing or re-aligning your organization, we’ll help you prepare to do so with confidence and competence.

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Climate Action for Business Certificate

Equipping next-generation energy entrepreneurs with the critical tools, powerful insights and necessary knowledge to build and run a successful business in the sustainable energy sector.

Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility CCSR

The Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility has developed a Certificate in CSR (CCSR) program for people seeking to further themselves and their companies in the practice of socially responsible business.

Certificate in Inclusive Leadership

Learn concrete ways to make workplace practices more inclusive, from increasing transparency and improving selection to creating more equitable promotion practices and inclusive meetings and much more. Take action now. 

Executive Leadership Program

Explore leadership as an exercise in humanity, while expanding your ability to inspire, address complex challenges and achieve results in your organization. Find out more.

Executive Certificate in Natural Products

An executive education course created to build experiential knowledge and networks in the natural food industry, highlighting how to grow and scale natural product businesses. Learn more.

Customer Experience Certificate Program

Solve real-world challenges and use best practices developed by top companies. You'll walk away with confidence and your own, professional Customer Experience Portfolio.

Personal Financial Planner Certificate Program

Designed for both financial service professionals who seek to acquire additional skills for serving the needs of their individual clients and career-changers who seek to acquire the knowledge necessary to effectively transition into the profession. Successful program completion will provide eligibility to sit for the prestigious CFP® Exam.

CU Law/Leeds Cannabis Entrepreneurship Academy

Colorado Law Executive Education, in concert with the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, presents the Cannabis Entrepreneurship Academy: a four-day, continuing education program that will tackle some of the latest legal and business issues cannabis entrepreneurs face.

Ethical Leadership for Corporate Directors

Ethical Leadership for Corporate Directors is a program that equips current and aspiring corporate directors with critical tools, powerful insights, and essential knowledge to strengthen their oversight of corporate compliance and ethics programs while promoting sustainable strategy and a high-integrity corporate culture. Learn more.