The Leeds School of Business generally funds all of its PhD students, both international and domestic. All applicants to the Leeds PhD program who submit complete applications by the application deadline are considered for funding. There is no funding application form. Those who have outside funding (e.g., from the government, military, etc.) should make note of this when formally applying to the Leeds PhD Program.

Tuition Waiver and Stipend

The 2023-2024 stipend is $35,000 for the academic year. PhD students funded by Leeds School of Business are required to work 20 hours per week as a research or a teaching assistant. The tuition waiver is equal to approximately $18,576 for a Colorado resident, and $38,700 for a non-Colorado residents. Students who are funded for 20 hours per week receive a partial waiver of student health insurance costs for the Student Gold plan. See the Wardenburg Health Center for details on student health insurance. 

While the continuation of funding is contingent on satisfactory performance in the program, most doctoral students are funded for five years.

Additional Funding

Additional funding is available through several different sources, including teaching and fellowships. Business doctoral students are encouraged to apply for a summer Gerald Hart Doctoral Research Fellowship. The Hart Fellowship program is designed to encourage and reward early involvement in scholarly research and publication by providing PhD students with additional funding to work with a faculty member on a research project.

Information about other funding opportunities is available through the University of Colorado Boulder's Graduate School.