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Awards and Grants
Information on CU Boulder and regional grants and awards for which students may directly apply, as well as information about student employment and loans.

CU Boulder has a responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment. If you disclose in your application having been impacted by sexual misconduct, protected-class discrimination or harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, or related retaliation, we are required to share that information to the CU Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) for outreach regarding support and reporting options.  You are not required to respond to OIEC. If you are in need of support, here is a list of resources, including confidential assistance: If you have questions before you want to submit this type of information, please contact the confidential Office of Victim Assistance.

Additionally, please note that the university takes disclosures around threat of harm to self or others seriously and when information of this nature is received, it will be shared with the appropriate offices to offer additional support and resources.

National Fellowship Opportunities
Information on national and international fellowship opportunities and dissertation grants offered through outside organizations and agencies for which students may directly apply.

Departmental Funding
Information on teaching and research assistantships, as well as training opportunities and grants which are offered by the departments but for which students cannot directly apply.