Graduate Student Assistantships

Graduate assistantships provide a supervised opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in teaching or research while receiving a stipend. The University views graduate students serving in assistantships first and foremost as students. Consequently, the goal of any assistantship must be to aid the student in the successful completion of the graduate degree. Assistantships also provide graduate students with the financial resources necessary to pursue their degrees. This financial support—stipend, tuition remission, fees, and benefits—is part of the University’s commitment to the success of our graduate students.

Training Grants

Departments may provide students with funding through training grants, providing graduate students the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with mentors and other graduate students on specific long-term projects. Primarily science, engineering and social science departments offer this type of grant. The primary focus is on completion of the PhD. 

Your home department is always the first and best source of information regarding funding opportunities. The majority of PhD students are supported with fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships or some combination of these funding sources. Availability of funding for Master's studies varies by department.