Tuition and fees can be paid over the course of each semester by enrolling in a payment plan. Students and their authorized payers are eligible to enroll when plans are available. Re-enrollment is required each semester if you choose to continue participation. The nonrefundable enrollment fee is $25 (charged by NelNet Business Solutions) each semester and per campus (Main Campus or Continuing Education).

It could be for one of the following reasons:
  • You are enrolled in study abroad for the current term.
  • You are enrolled in a Special Program like MS-EE on Coursera or MATL.
  • You owe a past due balance on your tuition bill.
  • You owe less than $250 on your tuition bill.
  • The payment plan enrollment period has ended.

  The Fall 2020 payment plan enrollment period as ended. Spring 2021 plans open Dec. 8. 
(Study Abroad students are not eligible for payment plans.)

Payment Plan Instructions and Dates

Payment Plan for Graduate Students

To continue paying tuition and fees on a monthly basis, re-enroll in payments plans at the beginning of every semester/term.