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Paying tuition and fees over time can make costs more manageable. Students and their authorized payers are eligible to enroll in a payment plan. You'll need to sign up for a new plan every semester to continue paying monthly

Plan Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2023
Payment Plan Deadline to Sign Up Payment Processing Dates
5-Payment Plan
Aug. 4 Aug. 5
Sept. 5
Oct. 5
Nov. 5
Dec. 5
4-Payment Plan
Sept. 4 Sept. 5
Oct. 5
Nov. 5
Dec. 5
3-Payment Plan Oct. 4 Oct. 5
Nov. 5
Dec. 5
2-Payment Plan Nov. 4 Nov. 5
Dec. 5


  • Students and authorized payers can sign up for a payment plan.
  • Payments will be automatically deducted on the 5th of the month from the account or credit card you designate. No further action is required from you unless you need to update your payment source information.
  • Interest free.
  • A low enrollment fee of $30 is charged by NelNet Campus Commerce
  • You will continue to receive bill notifications via email while participating in a payment plan. 
  • If you enroll in a payment plan after the tuition and fee payment deadline, you may be assessed late and finance charges.
  • A minimum tuition and fee balance of $250 is necessary to participate.
  • You must re-enroll in a payment plan each semester if you would like to continue paying tuition bills on a monthly basis.
  • $30 returned payment fee applies if a payment plan payment is returned.

Dates and terms may be subject to change.



  1. Students log in to Buff Portal.
  2. Search for "payment plan" and click "Tuition & Fees."
  3. Click "Balance Summary" and then "View Payment Plans."

Authorized Payers

  1. Log in to CUBill&Pay.
  2. Select "Payment Plan" on the left menu.
  3. Choose a plan and select "Sign Up for New Payment Plan."


What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are made through automatic deduction from either a checking or savings account or a debit or credit card. The most cost effective option is to set up payments from a traditional U.S. checking or savings account (eCheck). A nonrefundable 2.85% service fee applies to all credit and debit transactions (charged by NelNet Campus Commerce).

Why are payment plans blocked or unavailable to me? Why am I not eligible for a payment plan?

Either you owe less than $250 on your tuition bill or the payment plan enrollment period has closed.

What does rebalance mean? Why do I have to rebalance my plan?

If the balance due on your bill changes for any reason (i.e., adding or dropping a class) your monthly payments will need to be redistributed, or "rebalanced," evenly across the remaining months of your payment plan.

Why am I still getting bill notifications by email even though I'm on a payment plan?

You will continue to receive ebill notifications until the bill is paid in full.