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If you pay late, several consequences can apply. You can avoid these penalties and save money by paying on time.

Late and Finance Charges

A late fee is charged once per semester according to the table below. A monthly finance charge of one percent (1%) of the unpaid balance is charged to your account in addition to the late fee.To dispute late payment and finance charges, submit a Late & Finance Charge Adjustment Petition.

Late Payment Charge Table
Balance Due Late Charge
$10–99.99 $5
$100–299.99 $10
$300–499.99 $20
$500–699.99 $30
$700–899.99 $40
$900 and over $50

Financial Holds

A financial hold may prevent you from registering for classes and adding classes. Financial holds can result from an outstanding balance, a returned payment, an uncashed refund, or a loan exit interview, for example. Holds resulting from an outstanding balance are generally removed permanently upon payment of the balance in full. Instructions for how to resolve other holds is displayed in Buff Portal when you click on the hold itself. For instructions on how to view Holds and To-Do Items, please visit Resolve Your Holds & To-Do Items.

Transcripts and Diplomas

Official transcripts may be released for the following reasons.

  • Job application
  • Transferring to another postsecondary institution (i.e., attending another college or university)
  • Applying for state, federal, or institutional financial aid
  • Pursuing opportunities in the military or National Guard
  • Pursuing other postsecondary opportunities (i.e., graduate or professional programs)

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay the total amount due for all charges, the following consequences may apply:

  • Registration for future terms may not be allowed.
  • Your past due account may be referred to the university’s Student Debt Management department and/or a private agency for collection.
  • If your account is referred to a private collection agency, the delinquency may be reported to national credit bureaus.
  • If your account is referred to a private collection agency, you will be responsible for reimbursing the university for collection agency costs, expenses and fees incurred by the university in such collection efforts in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) §23-5-113. Collection costs, expenses and fees may include fees charged to the university by the collection agency, including percentage-based fees of up to 30 percent (30%) of the debt collected. You will also be responsible for paying reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs associated with collecting or enforcing my past due account as allowed under C.R.S. §23-5-113. Any collections costs and attorneys' fees stated above are charged in addition to the principal, fees and interest due on your past due account.
  • In the event of a default of your account owed to the university, the university may certify to the Colorado Department of Revenue information about you, including your name, social security number, the amount of the debt and any other identifying information required by the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue may then disburse funds to the university in satisfaction of that debt from tax refunds owed to you, if any (C.R.S. §23-5-115).
  • All outstanding tuition account balances are considered qualified educational loans under 26 United States Code (U.S.C.) §221 and are extended with the express understanding that future repayment shall be made to the university.

Past Due Accounts

Past due accounts are referred to Student Debt Management.