Late Charge Table

Balance Due

Late Charge











$900 and over


If you pay late, several consequences can apply. You can avoid these penalties and save money by paying on time.

Late and Finance Charges

A late fee is charged once per semester according to the table. A finance charge of one percent (1%) per month on the unpaid balance is charged to your account in addition to the late fee.To dispute late payment and finance charges, submit a late and finance charge adjustment petition online for review by a committee.

Late & Finance Charge Adjustment Petition

Financial Holds

A financial hold will prevent you from registering for classes, adding classes, getting transcripts and getting your diploma. To lift the hold, follow the instructions on the hold. Most holds are lifted immediately when you complete the task related to the hold. For more information, visit Resolve Your Holds & To-Do Items.

Past Semester/Session Accounts