Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The official major for undergraduates at Leeds School of Business is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Business students are required to earn a total of 120* approved semester hours of credit from the following categories:

  •         Business Core Coursework
  •         Business Areas of Emphasis
  •         Business Electives
  •         General Education Non-Business Coursework
  •         Non-Business Electives

*Specific credit hour requirements for each category depend on the official curriculum requirements at the time the business degree was started as well as any exceptions made based on transfer or Study Abroad credit.

Business Core Coursework Requirements

The core requirements for the undergraduate business degree consists of integrated coursework through which students learn the fundamentals of business while working on a real-world business case. The core coursework is designed to help students develop essential soft-skills including communication, teamwork and leadership.

Areas of Emphasis

As part of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, students choose from six Areas of Emphasis in which they develop expertise in a specific area of business: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Real Estate.

Each Area of Emphasis requires students to complete 18 semester hours beyond their core business courses.