Finance at the Leeds School of Business

Finance is essential to business. Finance faculty boast expertise in foundational concepts like corporate finance and macroeconomics, as well as specialized areas like mergers and acquisitions, derivatives and foreign exchange markets. Students within the program benefit from access to The Burridge Center for Finance and the CU Real Estate Center. Our curriculum prepares students to succeed in areas such as financial management, business economics and real estate.

The finance program addresses issues in the financial services and securities area, including topics related to high technology firms, large corporations, and entrepreneurial companies. The finance program is designed to provide students with in-depth exposure to the background necessary for entry-level positions in various areas of financial management. Students study financial management, money and capital markets, investments and derivative securities, and financial institutions.

This program enables students to develop the ability to evaluate financial problems and formulate sound financial decisions and policies. Although emphasis is on financial management of profit-oriented organizations, the principles and concepts covered are applicable to nonprofit and governmental organizations.

The Finance program at the Undergraduate level is part of the CFA's University Affiliation Program.

Finance Career and Advising Guide

Four-Year Plans

Accelerated Finance

The Accelerated Finance option is designed for high-achieving finance students, including those with a strong interest in the competitive investment banking and investment management industries. With more importance placed on securing an internship with firms the summer before senior year, e.g., a process that begins roughly 12-15 in advance of an investment banking internship, it’s important for students to develop their knowledge of finance early to be competitive. Through the Accelerated Finance option, students will adopt a rigorous first- and second-year curriculum that affords them early access to critical business and finance courses to help increase their qualifications for sought-after finance internships.

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Accelerated Finance Career and Advising Guide