The Marketing Division at the Leeds School of Business is distinguished by excellence in research and teaching. In academic research, Leeds is among the top 20 marketing faculties in the world, influencing business practice and what is taught in business schools around the globe. The marketing curriculum blends rigor and relevance. Inevitably, the problems you will face on the job after graduation will be different from the cases taught in school, and you will be faced with new phenomena need to be understood such as the role of social media or mobile marketing. Our curriculum will give you general frameworks to take advantage of new marketing institutions and opportunities, rigorously verified facts about the marketplace, and critical thinking skills to separate truth from hype when colleagues or business gurus make claims that are unsupported by the facts. 


The increasingly global marketplace coupled with new communication vehicles have changed the traditional tactics used in marketing. The marketing program develops students' analytic and decision-making skills in such areas as digital marketing, customer relationship management, advertising, market research, brand/product management, selling and sales management, distribution, relationship marketing, international marketing, marketing consumer products and services, and marketing nonprofit organizations.


Key concepts focus on identifying customer needs and wants, developing products and services to meet those demands, establishing communications to promote products and services, and monitoring transactions and customer responses to guide future activities. Marketing concepts apply to tangible products, services and ideas, consumer and business markets, and domestic and global markets.