Women in Finance Forum

    The Leeds “End the Gap” initiative was launched in 2017 with the goal of reaching equitable gender parity across all business programs by 2020. Several business programs have either met or are close to meeting this objective. One of the programs that is the furthest from meeting this objective is Finance. Women continue to comprise approximately 20% of finance graduates – a statistic that has remained nearly constant since the 1980’s.

    The Women in Finance Forum brings female finance professionals together to speak to students about their careers, experiences and have an open discussion. Meetings for Fall 2020 will be remote, and take place 5:30-7PM MT.

    Thursday September 24th 
    Tuesday October 13th 
    Thursday Novermber 12th: signup here!

    Student signup is through Handshake.

    Questions? Please email Matt Fleming and Susan Brodnicki.

    Pillars of Wall Street Program

    The Burridge Center is proud to work with the Pillars of Wall Street program and offer students discounted rates for their eLearning platform. 

    The cost is $300 for Leeds students - click here to register via PayPal. Please note the registration information will go to the email linked to your PayPal account.

    Detailed course information can be found here (PDF)

    We will look to organize, schedule and provide pricing for webinars soon.

    Personal Financial Planning Program

    The financial planning track is a new addition to the tracks available in the finance area of emphasis, beginning fall, 2016. The track is designed to prepare students for a career as a personal financial planner and to take the CFP® certification exam. The development of the program has been fostered by a generous grant from Charles Schwab & Co.

    Personal Financial Planning is a holistic process involving:

    • Establishing a client relationship;
    • Determining client goals;
    • Collection of relevant information;
    • Financial analysis and formulation of a plan of action;
    • Working with the client to implement the financial plan;
    • Monitoring the plan and making adjustments over time.

    Learn more about the PFP Program

    Quantitative Finance Certificate

    The Quantitative Finance Certificate Program is an undergraduate certificate program housed in the Leeds School of Business, designed to provide the foundation for a lifetime of analytical problem solving. The Program appeals to accomplished students who enjoy solving analytic problems as applied in their career of choice. Students with these skills and interests are in high demand in the business world which becomes more analytical and mathematical every year. In addition, successful candidates will be well-prepared for further study at the graduate level.

    The program offers two tracks:

    • The Actuarial Studies Track
    • The Quantitative Finance Track

    The two tracks differ only in application. If you are unfamiliar with the two fields, see the links to the left for an overview. Although similar, each curriculum is tailored to the area of application. Curricula are rigorous and multi-disciplinary, with required coursework drawing from the Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and the Economics Department, as well as the Finance Division of the Leeds School of Business. The confluence of such widely varying material is one of the unique features of the program. Successful completion of the Program requirements is a significant accomplishment. The Program is not a major and is open to students majoring in any subject. However, the program has extensive course requirements which mesh most closely with students majoring in Business (finance emphasis), Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Economics.

    Learn more about the Quant Finance Certificate

    CFA Exam Preparation Resources

    • 300 hours
      Blog focusing on CFA preparation, the difficulties of studying, and including many links to other good practice exams and materials.
    • Elan Guides
      Excellent study notes, guides, and practice exams.
    • Kaplan Schweser Study Materials
    • Stalla Mobile CFA Review
      Study materials for for mobile devices.
    • Analyst Forum - CFA
      The largest and most active CFA message board. Great for finding help to an End of Chapter (EOC) problem.

    CFA Institute Resources and Scholarships

    • Resources
      CFA Institute information tailored to the students.
    • Scholarships
      (information on CFA Institute scholarship and how to access a scholarship)
    • CFA Awareness Scholarships
      (special scholarship programs)
    • Scholarship form for CU-Leeds Students