women in finance

Ending the Gap in the Finance Program!

The Women in Finance Club is an undergraduate student organization at the Leeds School of Business. Our membership is comprised of freshmen through seniors pursuing a wide range of academic disciplines.  

Why Join? 

The Leeds “End the Gap” initiative was launched in 2017 with the goal of reaching equitable gender parity across all business programs by 2020. Several business programs have either met or are close to meeting this objective. One of the programs that is the furthest from meeting this objective is Finance. Women continue to comprise approximately 20% of finance graduates – a statistic that has remained nearly constant since the 1980’s. 

The Club is designed to leverage the mentorship, leadership and expertise of female finance community leaders and current female finance students to encourage female students to consider the field of finance, to complete a finance degree, and to find successful and fulfilling finance careers.

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Club Activities

  • The Club hosts numerous forums throughout the academic year that bring female finance professionals together to speak to students about their careers, experiences and have an open discussion. 

  • Club members are encouraged to participate in workshops focused on practical skills such as resume building, networking, and interview practice.

  • The Club provides a community of female students with similar interests who can support and mentor each other.