Why Boulder?

Being part of the business world today means being part of a global community that touches every part of life.

At the Leeds School of Business, we have an unprecedented vantage point — and while we’re located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, we’re not talking about the scenery.

Leeds is where globally recognized faculty - ranked top 25 for research production — sit with their students in real-world experiential settings.

Leeds is where you’ll find deep partnerships with the nationally recognized innovative Boulder business community — don’t be surprised if the local entrepreneurs end up judging your business plan.

Leeds is where the entire globe serves as a laboratory for learning — from the federal labs located right next-door to visiting businesses around the world.

Leeds is where an emphasis on innovation and social impact meets with deep relationships directly in the business community. And where momentum in rankings and student body are making a Leeds degree more valuable every year.

So sure, fall in love with the views. But stay for the world.