Pete Mcgraw

Marketing and psychology professor Peter McGraw was featured on an episode of the Second City Works podcast “Getting to Yes, And,” for his research on what makes things funny and the consequences of humor. In the episode, Dr. McGraw talks about the difference between humor and comedy, the history of modern humor research, and the implications comedy has in everyday life, including in advertising, business activities, politics, and personal relationships.

Dr. McGraw also discusses the book he co-authored, The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny, and the Benign Violation Theory, the idea that humor occurs when there is the right balance of something seeming threatening and safe simultaneously. “Getting to Yes, And” is a weekly podcast on Chicago’s WGN Radio and features interviews with visionaries, authors, and leaders who, like Dr. McGraw, operate at the intersection of creativity and commerce. Listen to Dr. McGraw’s interview here.