If you'd like to plan out how your next semesters will look, you can use the 4 year plan for your area of emphasis, or fill in your classes and create your own plan by using the Blank 4 year plan. 

For Students admitted to the Academic Year 2016-2017

For Continuing Students admitted to the Academic Year 2015-2016 Four Year Plan Documents Include:

For Continuing Students addmitted to the Academic Year 2014-2015 Four Year Plan Documents Include:


Use Degree Audit System (DARS) as a planning tool to make sure you are taking the necessary courses to graduate on time. Login to MyCUInfo, click the "Student" tab and then click "Get your Degree Audit." Your audit will show you what classes you've already taken, what is in progress, and what you still need to complete. If you have questions about your audit, or are worried that you may not be taking the right courses, see your advisor. Transfer credit may show up in the wrong category until it has been evaluated. Please point this out to your advisor.

If you have a MAPS deficiency, there are specific courses you'll need to take that are approved for MAPS,--you can't just take any course in that area. For example, if you have a Geography MAPS deficiency, you can't just pick any course in the Geography department; you must take GEOG 1982, 1992, 2002, or 2412, which are the approved courses for this deficiency. For a complete list of approved courses for your deficiency, come to the Undergraduate Student Services office. If you have a class in mind, and you are wondering if it will meet your deficiency you can also look at the course description for that class. If the course is approved, there will be a statement at the end of the description that says "approved for MAPS" and tells you what MAPS requirement the course covers.

If your progress sheet or degree audit shows a MAPS deficiency, but you know you took the required courses in high school, you can submit an appeal asking that your MAPS be re-evaluated through the admissions office. Visit their website for information and petition form.

If you are a Leeds student and plan on taking courses outside of the University of Colorado you need to get your courses pre-approved. We cannot generally evaluate courses on the spot during walk-in appointments. We will get back to you with the results of your evaluation within 5 business days. We will fill out a form called a "Transfer Pre-approval" that gives you permission to take a course elsewhere. This process should be complete BEFORE you begin the course(s), so please plan well in advance of the beginning of the semester.

Steps for transfer credit pre-approval:

  • Fill out the Transfer pre-approval form.
  • Call the CU Office of Admissions at 303.492.6301 and check if credit from the school you're attending (or plan to attend) is accepted by the University of Colorado at Boulder. This is not necessary if the credit is from CU Denver, CU Colorado Springs, or any of the Colorado Community Colleges.
  • Attach descriptions of the courses (no more than ten) you want pre-approved to the transfer pre-approval form. Drop everything off at our office. An advisor will contact you by phone or e-mail in five business days.

If you are wondering if the class you want to take has already been preapproved, check out Transferology. This site will show you classes at other schools that have already been approved to transfer. However, it is very important that you still get the pre-approval form signed by your academic advisor because Leeds students fall under some very specific transfer guidelines. For example, if you are already a Leeds student you cannot take BCOR or area of emphasis classes somewhere else and transfer them back. When in doubt, talk to your advisor!