Exec Ed students

Whether you are looking to transition to a career in real estate or take your existing career to the next level, these foundational courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need. Each course can be taken independently or combined to earn a certificate of completion. 

In taking these courses, you will gain:

  • An invaluable set of skills to fast-track your professional advancement in real estate 
  • A forward-looking perspective to equip you for the emerging challenges facing real estate professionals
  • Graduate-level education with resources and information to help you be successful
  • Live interaction with faculty and your peers to grow your local network
  • CEU credits for those in the state of Colorado

Through interactive coursework and rigorous discussion with your peers, you will build your network of emerging business professionals and established real estate leaders.

Contact LeedsExecEd@colorado.edu for any questions you may have.