Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Leeds are dense words. Their meaning and implications extend far beyond a strategy or business plan. At their core, they are about how we value all in our community. They carry the ideal of equal valuation of everyone, and encourage us to face historic and contemporary impediments related to this ideal, and the subsequent incomprehensible costs of falling short of this to particular people and communities. This ideal carries us forward as we strive to play the most impactful role we can in the climate we create within Leeds, in how we educate the next generation of leaders, and in how we create impactful research that shapes the future.

At Leeds, our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a long-standing one. Since we received the naming gift for our business school in 2001, this has been a central focus. That said, we recognize there is much important work to be done. While we celebrate successes, there are many areas where we can have a larger impact and where we have fallen short.  To that end, this page is part of our efforts. It’s here that we seek to inform those within and outside of Leeds that we are committed to an ideal that we believe will make us all better. On this page we will state the depths and heights we intend to reach and celebrate the ways in which our words and intentions become reality and true impact. We will also seek to be honest and vulnerable in our inevitable shortcomings, knowing that accountability and constant learning are central to forward progress.

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Change

Graduate Initiatives

Graduate Programs at the Leeds School of Business supports an inclusive experience through our recruitment efforts, outreach programs, career support and learning opportunities for students that come from diverse and underrepresented populations.

Undergraduate Initiatives

Leeds is committed to diversity and inclusiveness in student recruitment, access to educational and career services, and creation of customized programs that (a) meet the distinctive needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds and (b) foster intercultural learning experiences that enhance career readiness.

Faculty and Research

Research, teaching and service to the Leeds community are the three ways that our faculty support diversity, equity and inclusion and help the school foster a community where everyone thrives.

Centers of Excellence

To launch leaders that reflect our communities, support insights that move us toward a more inclusive world and to engage the whole business community, the Centers of Excellence at the Leeds School have committed to lift up diverse voices and support equity.

Get Involved

Ready to be a part of the solution? Join the Leeds School to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by accessing resources, getting engaged, and investing in programs for change.

CU Boulder Diversity Plan

The CU Boulder Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academics (IDEA) Plan is the culminating efforts of four years of groundwork and effort, the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academics (IDEA) Plan is officially complete and available for the campus.

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