Building a school that welcomes students from all backgrounds starts with equitable recruitment initiatives and intensive support programs. Leeds’ undergraduate teams are highly committed to these efforts. Below we highlight examples of this engagement around diversity and inclusion: the work of our Office of Diversity Affairs, Office and Career Strategy and our End the Gap gender equity initiative.

Office of Diversity Affairs

The Office of Diversity Affairs supports an inclusive learning environment for diverse undergraduates at the Leeds School of Business. The office focuses on the recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented students.

End the Gap

The End the Gap Initiative is designed to encourage more women to pursue undergraduate and graduate business degrees.

Women’s and Leadership Programs

Harness your strengths and develop leadership skills through special programs and a leadership certificate. From critical conversations as part of the Inclusify book club, to providing a supercharged start in the Women’s Empowerment Initiative to cracking the digital ceiling in the BE Tech Scholars Program — You belong!

BE Tech Scholars Program

The BE Tech Scholars Program presented by Western Digital is a multi-year interdisciplinary effort focused on inspiring accomplished and intellectually curious women to explore the technology industry.

Mentoring Programs

Mentorship is proven to significantly improve professional, personal and learning experiences for all students. The integration of multiple mentoring programs throughout the four-year experience provides Leeds students with peer and professional connections, personalized support through career exploration, and professional skills development.

Student Organizations & Clubs

Undergraduate and graduate students at the Leeds School of Business are a central part of our vibrant community. Student organizations & clubs provide a wealth of opportunity to engage people of all backgrounds, interests, and professional experiences