The MS Business Analytics degree focuses on the exciting and fast-growing field of big data. Designed to teach students how to translate data into strategic business decisions, our coursework integrates marketing and customer analytics with operations research, business analytics, computer science and statistical methods. Students may customize their course selection by specializing in advertising & marketing, decision science, and healthcare analytics. This technical, quantitative and statistically intensive curriculum prepares students to excel in the field of business analytics.

Gain three critical skills by graduation:

1. How to capture and analyze complex structured and unstructured data sets

2. How to develop your intuition about where business value can be found and articulated to leadership

3. How to deliver quantitative analysis in a format that C-suite executives can understand and use

Curriculum Overview

Core Business Analytics Courses
MSBC 5070 Survey of Business Analytics
MSBC 5180 Machine Learning in Python
MSBC 5490 Experiential Projects Class
MSBX 5190 Modern Artificial Intelligence
MSBX 5405 Structured Data Modeling & Analysis
MSBX 5410 Fundamentals of Data Analytics
MSBX 5415 Advanced Data Analytics
MSBX 5420 Unstructured & Distributed Data Modeling & Analysis

Track-Specific Elective Courses

Business Analytics –
Marketing Analytics Track

MBAX 6330 Market Intelligence (Fall)
APRD 6342 Digital Advertising (Spring)
MSBX 5310 Customer Analytics (Spring)

Business Analytics –
Decision Science Track

MSBC 5680 Optimization Modeling (Fall)
MBAX 6843 Supply Chain Analytics (Spring)
MBAX 6410 Process Analytics (Spring)

Business Analytics –
Healthcare Analytics Track

NURS 6286 Foundation of Healthcare Informatics (Fall)
NURS 6289 Information Systems Life Cycle (Spring)
MSBX 5425 Healthcare Analytics (Spring)