Intra-University Transfer

Already a CU student and thinking of becoming a business major? We would love to have you! There are a few things you need to do first to qualify for transfer.

Undergraduate students wishing to transfer to the Leeds School of Business from another college or school on the Boulder campus must do so through the Intra-University Transfer (IUT) process.

Applicants are considered for admission based on specified criteria and space availability

General Requirements for IUT to Leeds

  • 24 semester hours completed, 12 of which must be graded coursework at CU-Boulder.
  • If you have taken any business classes, you must have a business GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • A minimum 3.0 CU GPA is required for admission.
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of B- or better.
  1. Microeconomics (ECON 2010)
  2. Macroeconomics (ECON 2020)
  3. Introduction to Statistics (MATH 2510, SOCY 2061, PSCI 2075, APPM 3570, APPM 4570, CHEN 3010, CVEN 3227, ECON 3818, INFO 1301, IPHY 2800, MATH 3510, MATH 4510, PSYC 2111, and PSYC 3101 all count for statistics requirement) Note: AP Stats will not count for this requirement. If you are taking a statistics course outside of CU Boulder (at another institution), you must get the course approved by a Leeds IUT academic advisor.
  4. Mathematical Analysis in Business (MATH 1112) Offered to non-business students in the spring & summer semesters. No ALEKS score is required.
  5. Apply by the Deadline (even if you have requirements in progress):
    • October 1st: Spring Registration Access or Admission 
    • March 1st: Summer and Fall Registration Access or Admission

Admission is on a space available basis only. Students can apply for admission up until the first day of classes and their application will be considered if space is available.

Note: There aren’t any exceptions to the Leeds IUT requirements. You must meet all of the requirements in order to gain admission. We cannot round up on a GPA or grade(s).

IUT Requirement Repeat Policy
Students will have a maximum of three graded attempts to achieve the minimum grades for each IUT requirement, starting with the Spring 2024 IUT Application Cycle. Please note that courses taken as pass/fail, will count as graded attempts. IUT requirement courses and minimum grades are set by each IUT college/school/program and are listed on their IUT webpage.

Each time a prospective IUT course is taken, it counts as one attempt towards fulfilling a specific IUT requirement. Therefore, students who have met or exceeded three attempts in an IUT requirement (not three attempts per course), without achieving the minimum grade, will have their IUT Application denied and they will be ineligible to reapply to the same IUT college/school/program.

For example: If a student received failing grades in MATH 2510 twice and in SOCY 2061 once, they would be ineligible for an IUT into any major in Leeds and for the Strategic Communication major in CMCI.

Grade Replacement
The policy will include courses taken as part of Grade Replacement. Therefore, students will only be permitted to retake an IUT requirement two additional times after their initial enrollment. However, students are permitted to retake courses that also happen to be IUT requirements,  if they wish to improve their GPA or any other reason other than for

The following course attempts will NOT count as a graded attempt for an IUT requirement, if changed by the deadlines listed on the CU Boulder Academic Calendar:

  • Dropped courses
  • Withdrawn (W) courses
  • Retroactive withdrawals
  • Transfer courses (taken outside of CU Boulder)
  • Advanced placement (AP) courses
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) courses

On Track Registration Access

If you are completing the remaining balance of your required Leeds IUT coursework during your application term, and you meet all other IUT course/grade/GPA requirements, you will be eligible to register for restricted business courses during your registration window.

To be eligible for registration access, you must apply by:

October 1st for Spring 

March 1st for Summer and Fall 

You must have a current 3.0 GPA.

  • Have completed or be in progress with the remaining general requirements.
  • One example of a student “on track”:
    • You have a 3.0 Cumulative CU GPA
    • Posted grades of a B- or better in ECON 2010 and MATH 2510 (or any approved statistics listed under General Requirements above).
    • Are currently taking ECON 2020 and MATH 1112 and the grades will post at the end of the current term.
    • You are meeting the other requirements listed or will be by the end of the term.

If you are determined to be “on track,” you will be notified before your registration window and provided instructions on how to register for restricted business classes.

  • If you meet all IUT requirements at the end of the semester, your IUT application will be approved and you will be admitted to the college/school/program.  
  • If you do NOT meet all IUT requirements at the end of the semester, your IUT application will be denied and you will be removed from major/college/school/program restricted courses.

Advising for IUT to Leeds

Advising and information sessions are available in Koelbel 201 and virtually on Zoom.

  1. Schedule an IUT Group Advising appointment: Appointment Link
  2. Once you’ve attended a group advising appointment, you can schedule an IUT Individual Appointment: Appointment Link

You cannot schedule an individual appointment with an advisor until you’ve attended one group advising session. During this session you will learn about IUT requirements, how your credits will apply to business, determine your potential graduation date, and have any questions answered with a Leeds advisor.


Students must have completed all requirements to gain admission.

You must be meeting the On-Track Guidelines or all the requirements to apply.

Apply Now

Your application will be considered for the “on track” status if you have pre-requisite courses in progress. Admission is granted on a space available basis.

The Leeds IUT requirements and policies only apply if students are requesting a Change or Add on their application.

  • IUT Change: Switch your current major for a major in a new college/school/program
  • IUT Add: Keep your current major and add a second major in a new college/school/program
  • IUT Drop: Keep one and drop one of your current majors in two different college/school/programs

Application Timing

Students can apply for registration access or admission by the following deadlines: 

  • October 1st: Spring Registration Access or Admission
  • March 1st: Summer and Fall Registration Access or Admission

If you apply after the posted deadlines, your application will be reviewed on a space available basis. It is recommended that students apply by the deadlines so that they are guaranteed the best course availability and space for admission. Applications for admission are accepted until the first day of classes; however, admission is not guaranteed and is based on space availability.

Dropping Business

The Intra-University Transfer (IUT) Drop Application requirements and deadlines differ from the IUT Add/Change Application for the Leeds School of Business and may have financial and academic ramifications for students. The IUT Drop Application ONLY applies to students who are pursuing degrees in at least two DIFFERENT colleges/schools/programs AND wish to DISCONTINUE one major. For more information, deadlines, and the IUT Drop Application, please visit the CU Boulder Intra-University Transfer (IUT) webpage.

Transfer to Leeds (from outside CU-Boulder)

The CU Admissions Office handles all admissions for transfer students to Leeds. If you have specific questions about the admissions process and/or requirements, please contact that office directly at the CU Boulder Admissions Website.

Taking Business Core (BCOR) Classes as a Non-Business Student

During the Fall and Spring semesters, BCOR classes are restricted to business students only unless you qualify as “on track” as detailed above. As a non-business student, you may take BCOR courses through Continuing Education or in the summer. Registration in BCOR courses is not restricted during summer terms but you may need to contact the Leeds advising office to get assistance with registration.

Leeds Academic Advising is offering both in-person and remote advising.

Our office is open and advisors are available for in-person as well as video (Zoom) advising appointments and drop-ins. You can continue to schedule appointments with your academic advisor here