Incoming Students: Request a major change through your CU Boulder Admissions Application

An Intra-University Transfer (IUT) allows current undergraduate students to change, add, or drop a degree program involving two different colleges/schools/programs within CU Boulder. The information included on the IUT webpage will assist you before, during, and after your IUT process. If you have questions, please refer to the IUT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage or email

  • IUT Change: Switch your current major for a major in a new college/school/program
  • IUT Add: Keep your current major and add a second major in a new college/school/program
  • IUT Drop: Keep one and drop one of your current majors in two different colleges/schools/programs

Visit the Office of the Registrar website to change, add, or drop a major/minor/certificate within the same college/school/program.

Intra-University Transfer (IUT) First Steps:

  1. Explore your IUT college/school/program
  2. Develop a plan with your IUT with your current academic advisor
  3. Connect with your IUT college/school/program
    • Click on the "Meet with a Different Advisor" tile in Buff Portal Advising
    • Research IUT Requirements
  4. Consider how an IUT might alter your student status and graduation timeline
  5. Research the financial implications of an IUT
  6. Discover if an IUT fits with your future interests and goals

IUT Change/Add Application Requirements

The Intra-University Transfers (IUT) process to change or add a major typically include credit, course, and GPA requirements that might take multiple semesters to complete. Please visit the IUT webpage of your intended college/school/program to learn more. Access the IUT Application and the IUT Dates & Deadlines webpage for more information.

School/College/Program IUT Webpages

IUT Requirement Repeat Policy

Students will have a maximum of three graded attempts to achieve the minimum grades for each IUT requirement, starting with the Spring 2024 IUT Application Cycle. Please note that courses taken as pass/fail, will count as graded attempts. IUT requirement courses and minimum grades are set by each IUT college/school/program and listed on their IUT webpage.

Each time a prospective IUT course is taken, it counts as one attempt towards fulfilling a specific IUT requirement. Therefore, students who have met or exceeded three attempts in an IUT requirement (not three attempts per course), without achieving the minimum grade, will have their IUT Application denied, and they will be ineligible to reapply to the same IUT college/school/program.

For example: If a student received failing grades in MATH 2510 twice and in SOCY 2061 once, they would be ineligible for an IUT into any major in Leeds and for the Strategic Communication major in CMCI.

Grade Replacement

The policy will include courses taken as part of Grade Replacement. Therefore, students are permitted to retake an IUT requirement two additional times after their initial enrollment. However, students are permitted to retake courses that also happen to be IUT requirements,  if they wish to improve their GPA or any other reason other than for consideration as part of their IUT Application.


The following course attempts will not count as a graded attempt for an IUT requirement, if changed by the deadlines listed on the CU Boulder Academic Calendar:

  • Dropped courses
  • Withdrawn (W) courses
  • Retroactive withdrawals
  • Transfer courses (taken outside of CU Boulder)
  • Advanced placement (AP) courses
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) courses

IUT Drop Application Requirements

If you are enrolled in a double degree program, an Intra-University Transfer (IUT) Drop Application can allow you to keep one and drop one of your current majors in two different colleges/schools/programs. The date and term you decide to drop your double degree may impact your tuition charges and graduation timeline. Seniors applying for an IUT Drop after the deadline for their graduation term, should work with their academic advisor and submit an IUT Drop Application for any program they will not complete before graduation. Visit the IUT Dates & Deadlines webpage for additional information.

IUT Application

Complete the IUT Application by the IUT Deadline corresponding to your desired term of enrollment by logging into the IUT Application with your CU Boulder credentials. The IUT Application cannot be saved or accessed after submission. If you have trouble accessing the IUT Application, please refer to the IUT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage or email

IUT Deadlines

Please review the Intra-University Transfer dates and deadlines by term of admission and your intended IUT college/school/program. It is strongly recommended that you apply by the IUT Registration Access Deadlines (October 1st, March 1st, and June 1st), for the opportunity to enroll in restricted courses (when available), and for full consideration of your IUT Application. IUT admission is not guaranteed and varies by college/school/program depending on space availability and IUT Requirements.

Visit the IUT Dates & Deadlines webpage for additional information.

IUT Admissions Timeline

When you submit your IUT Application, a confirmation landing webpage will open. You should receive a confirmation email to your email. You will continue to receive IUT Application status updates through your CU Boulder email account throughout the IUT process. Please continue to check your @colorado email regularly. IUT Application processing times vary, please do not resubmit your IUT Application unless directed. 

If you do not see the confirmation page and/or do not receive a confirmation email, there may have been an error with your submission. If you have questions, please refer to the IUT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage or email

IUT Application Status Definitions

  • Accepted: If you already meet all IUT course/grade/GPA requirements, your application will be approved, and you will be admitted to the college/school/program (on a space-available basis).
  • On Track: If you apply by October 1st, March 1st, or June 1st, are completing the balance of your required IUT coursework this term, and you meet all other IUT course/grade/GPA requirements - you will be eligible to register for restricted courses (when available). Please note that the "On Track" application status is granted on a space-available basis, and may not be applicable to all colleges/schools/programs.
    • If you meet all IUT requirements at the end of the semester, your IUT application will be approved, and you will be admitted to the college/school/program.  
    • If you do NOT meet all IUT requirements at the end of the semester, your IUT application will be denied, and you will be removed from major/college/school/program restricted courses.
  • Deferred: If you do not meet the "On Track" criteria and/or do not apply by the Registration Access Deadline, you will not be eligible for the on-time course registration for major/college/school/program restricted courses. Your IUT application will be reviewed at the end of the semester for a final IUT decision.
  • Denied: If you do not meet the "On Track" criteria and will not be able to meet the IUT requirements at the end of the semester, your application will be denied.

IUT Final Application Decision 

You can receive an admission decision any time after you submit an IUT Application. If you were granted "On Track" or "Deferred" status at the time of submission, make sure to check back after grades are submitted for the term, to receive your final admissions decision of "Accepted" or "Denied."

  • If you were admitted: Congratulations. Your new college/school/program will inform you of next steps and help you plan future semesters.
    • Please continue to meet with your current assigned academic advisor for petitions, even though your major change is reflected in Buff Portal and Buff Portal Advising.
  • If you were denied: There are lots of options at the University of Colorado Boulder. Reach out to your current academic advisor to discuss next steps or a parallel degree plan.