The CU Boulder Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA) is a one-stop shop for all programs, policies, pay, information and support for prospective and current student veterans and veteran dependents.  VMA understands that veterans and military members living, working, and receiving their education at CU Boulder are a valued and vital component of our campus community. We recognize and honor their sacrifices and value their life experiences as they broaden the diversity of our staff, faculty and student body.  We also recognize their special circumstances and the need for our campus to assist them in making the successful transition into our campus environment.  VMA supplements the recruitment and retention of veterans to the Boulder campus. We provide a key point of contact for counseling and program information for the veteran/military community at CU Boulder, while developing and maintaining productive relations with off-campus organizations and programs serving veterans.

The CU Boulder VMA strategy is 100% synchronized with the “Principles of Excellence” designed to facilitate veteran success in higher education promoted in a July 2013, document produced by the U.S. Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs, Defense, and Labor.  CU Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano officially affirmed his support of the ‘”Principles of Excellence” in a signed document that was sent to the U. S. Department of Education.

The processing of veteran educational benefits is part of Veteran and Military Affairs and we help eligible students receive VA educational funding.