The academic advising and coaching community at CU Boulder provides holistic and personalized support with an ethic of care that empowers students to actively engage as they navigate their resources and opportunities, develop goals, build skills, and work toward their academic, personal, and professional success.

The campus-wide framework for academic advising and coaching services at CU Boulder is a federated model in which individual advising units are embedded in colleges, schools, and programs to provide curricular expertise and to develop approaches and initiatives that cater to the local context, while the Office of Undergraduate Education provides high-level support and guidance that leverages the advising community’s potential to support campus goals and that ensures implementation and assessment of a common framework for undergraduate students. 

The Office of Undergraduate Education supports this framework by engaging with our community members and providing leadership for:

  • The academic journal Palimpsest
  • Buff Portal Advising
  • Community-wide groups
  • First-Year Advising
  • Professional Development & Training

Current advising and coaching community members can view internal documents on the Advising & Coaching Community Internal Drive.