Accessing Your Report

To access your transfer credit report:

  1. Log in to Buff Portal.
  2. On the transfer credit evaluation card, select "View your transfer credits."
  3. In the degree audit system, click the "Transfer Evaluations" tab.
  4. The page will open in full evaluation mode; select the down arrow next to the institution name to collapse that information.
  5. Scroll down to view your transfer course information.

Understanding Your Report

  • Type: The source course will have an arrow next to the course number. “Source” indicates the course is from the school you transferred from. The target course will have a target next to it. “Target” indicates the CU Boulder course that was granted in the evaluation.
  • Term: When the course was completed.
  • Course: The Source Course ID will be listed on the top line. The CU Boulder course that was granted in the evaluation will be listed on the bottom line.
  • Grade: "T" indicates that no letter grade was assigned to the transfer course; a letter following the "T" indicates the original letter grade earned. "NTR" indicates that the course was not accepted in transfer.
  • IFlag1-IFlag5: Course attribute flags that typically refer to the course applicability toward a specific requirement; for the complete list of course attribute flags and applicability toward requirements, see Transfer Credit Information Flags.