What You Can Do

The planner tool allows you to set up personalized plans that identify the courses you want to take each term to stay on track to graduate.

You can plan either from a roadmap, a semester-by-semester plan of study that outlines your requirements and recommends which courses to take when, or directly from the audit.

Roadmaps are currently only available for the pilot programs listed below. CU Boulder strongly recommends using a roadmap to build your plan.

Who Can Access It

Access to the planner tool is currently limited to students who were admitted to one of the following pilot programs on or after Fall 2019:

  • College of Music (all majors)
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

  • Leeds School of Business (all majors)
  • Program in Environmental Design (all majors)

How to Get There

  1. Follow this link to Buff Portal's class registration guide card (you may be prompted to log in).
  2. Select "Plan" to expand that section, then select "View Degree Audit."
  3. In the degree audit system, click the "Plans" tab.