Enrollment & Degree Verifications

The University of Colorado Boulder has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as its agent for purposes of third-party enrollment and degree verification. The NSC can verify degrees and enrollment for those students who have not placed a privacy block on their academic record.

All third parties should visit the NSC website for instructions and fees. Submissions must include the student's name when enrolled, Social Security number or student ID, and date of birth.

Please note: Please indicate on your NSC request which University of Colorado campus the student attended. If you indicate the wrong campus, your request may be denied.

Student Data Reports & Repositories

CU Boulder Faculty & Staff

Every designated data custodian is required to complete and pass formal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training before they're given access to protected student data. For details, see CU-SIS Access.

Access or Request a Student Data Report     Request a Shared Student Data Repository

Military Recruiters

The 1996 Solomon Amendment provides for the Secretary of Defense to deny federal funding to institutions of higher learning if they prohibit or prevent ROTC or military recruitment on campus.

Request Military Recruitment Data

Third Parties

CU Boulder no longer provides student information to external third parties for solicitation purposes. All student data requests are subject to the conditions specified in federal FERPA and HIPAA laws, the University of Colorado's data governance (APS #6010) and electronic communications (APS #6002) policies, and CU Boulder's directory information policy.