What It Is

FERPA directory information is information contained in a student’s education record that generally would not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

Under current CU Boulder policy, the following information is designated as directory information:

  1. Student name*
  2. Hometown (city, state)
  3. Campus email address**
  4. Dates of attendance
  5. Previous educational institutions attended
  6. School/college or division of enrollment
  7. Majors, minors and field of study
  8. Classification level (e.g., freshman, sophomore, graduate student)
  9. University-recognized honors and awards
  10. Degree status (e.g., expected graduation date and/or conferral dates/terms)
  11. Enrollment status
  12. Employment related to student status (e.g., teaching assistant, resident assistant or work-study) and dates for positions held
  13. Participation in officially recognized activities/sports, including height and weight of athletes
  14. Photos and videos taken or maintained by the university

*If a student provides a preferred name, the university uses it when communicating directly with the student and in campus systems, rosters, etc., unless there is a documented business or legal reason to use a student's primary name. When communicating with outside third parties, including parents, the university generally uses a student's primary (legal) name. Students may also select a diploma name for graduation and commencement materials.

**Campus email addresses are only disclosed to requestors who agree to not use them for solicitation.

How It's Used

Directory information shall not be provided to anyone outside of the CU community (except to vendors/organizations with which the university has contracted in order to provide goods or services to students).

The university retains the discretion to refuse disclosure of directory information if it believes such disclosure would be an infringement on student privacy rights. In an effort to protect student privacy, CU directories may only contain a student's name, email address, class and major field of study.

Students can request full privacy to restrict release of their directory information.