What It Is

If you elect full privacy status, CU may not release any information about you to the general public, including directory information, unless a FERPA exception applies. This means the university will not:

  • Acknowledge to any third party, including potential employers, that you are or were in attendance at the university. University staff who receive external inquiries about you will respond, "We have no information on that person."
  • Include information about you in campus directories or telephone directory assistance.
  • Provide your name or any other information about you to off-campus requestors.

This also means that you will not be listed in university announcements regarding honors or awards nor in commencement materials, including but not limited to commencement ceremony programs, press releases or other graduation-related materials.

Changing Your Privacy Status

To elect or remove full privacy, submit a completed FERPA nondisclosure form to the Office of the Registrar in person with a valid photo ID.

FERPA Nondisclosure Form

Authorizing Third-Party Access

Students on full privacy can still authorize FERPA Consent to Release for a parent, guardian or other third party. Make sure your designated third parties know the unique authorization phrase you established for them; it isn't the same as your security passphrase.