Set Your Security Passphrase

If you need to contact CU about your student record, we'll ask you to verify your identity by either showing us your photo ID or by stating your established security passphrase.

 Check Your Enrollment Status

Your enrollment status (e.g., full time, part time) may affect your eligibility for housing, tuition remission, health insurance, financial aid, loan deferment status and more.

Verify Your Enrollment or Degree

Has your insurance company or other provider requested verification of your college enrollment or proof of your degree?

 Register with Selective Service

Students who were assigned male at birth must register with the U.S. Selective Service System before they're allowed to enroll in classes.

Update Your Contact Information

The contact information in official campus systems includes your personal and CU Boulder email address, home and local address, cell/mobile phone number and emergency contacts.

Update Your Legal Information

In order to track and properly maintain your records across federal, state and higher education systems, we rely on the accuracy of your legal information.

Update Your Personal Information

To support diversity, equity and inclusion, CU systems allow you to indicate your ethnicity, gender identity, preferred name, pronouns and/or sexual orientation.

Understand Your Academic Standing

Academic standing is a measure of your academic success at CU Boulder based on your cumulative CU GPA.