Print an Enrollment Verification

Has your insurance company or other provider requested verification of your CU Boulder enrollment? If so, follow the instructions below to access your official enrollment verification, provided free of charge through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) self-service site.

The NSC enrollment verification is official and doesn't require a university signature or seal. Print or download it yourself for hassle-free submission to your loan, insurance or other requesting company (including the military) as proof of your enrollment.

What's In It

As shown in this sample verification, your enrollment verification will include:

  • The name of the institution you're attending ("University of Colorado Boulder")
  • Your legal name
  • Your anticipated graduation date This date is based on federal guidelines that expect an undergraduate degree to take five years, and a graduate degree to take three.
  • Your enrollment details by semester, including the semester's start and end dates, and your enrollment status (e.g., full time, half time)
  • Accreditation information for CU Boulder