We've Extended Your COF Lifetime Hour Limit (Targeted Message)

June 1, 2020

On your behalf, CU Boulder has granted you an institutional waiver that allows your COF funding to continue through Spring 2021.

Register Now: Fall 2020 Registration Tips (Targeted Message)

May 29, 2020

CU Boulder is working hard to welcome you back to campus this fall, but it doesn't look like you've enrolled in classes yet. For the best chance to get the classes you want, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Registration remains open through Friday, June 12.

The Road Map for Fall 2020

May 26, 2020

Our Road Map to Fall 2020 calls for classes beginning as scheduled on Aug. 24 and finishing remotely after Thanksgiving break. It prioritizes health and safety considerations required to minimize risk and enable an on-campus academic model that accommodates both in-person and remote learning.

Approved: Your Spring 2020 Extended Pass/Fail Request(s) (Targeted Message)

May 14, 2020

We've finished processing your grace period pass/fail change request(s), and your final grade modes should now be accurately reflected in Buff Portal.

Extended Grace Period for Spring 2020 Pass/Fail

May 5, 2020

If you missed the deadline to take one or more of your spring classes pass/fail, you may still have time. CU Boulder is offering a grace period from now through Monday, May 11 (11:59 p.m.) for classes with a pass/fail deadline of April 30 or May 1.

Graduation Tips for Students on Full Privacy (Targeted Message)

May 5, 2020

You've applied to graduate this May. As you know, your name won't appear in newspapers, on honors and awards lists or in the 2019–20 commencement program because you're on full privacy.

May 2020 Graduates: Remaining University Deadlines (Targeted Message)

April 30, 2020

You've applied to graduate in May! If your graduation term has changed, please cancel your application and submit a new one. Otherwise, please make note of the following campuswide graduation dates and deadlines.

Reminder: Last Day to Drop a Spring Class, Change Pass/Fail Status & Request Grade Replacement

April 28, 2020

This Thursday, April 30, is the last day for undergraduate and graduate students (law students excluded) to complete the following actions for a full semester Main Campus class: drop the class (with a W grade); submit, change or cancel a grade replacement request; and change the grade mode from letter to pass/fail (UPDATE: pass/fail grace period offered through May 11).

Summer Session 2020 Academic Dates & Deadlines

April 28, 2020

Despite social distancing, CU Summer Session still has hundreds of classes available to help you earn credit toward your degree.

Last Chance to Apply for Spring COF (Targeted Message)

April 27, 2020

Our records indicate that either you haven't applied for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) benefit for Spring 2020 or there was an error with your application.