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Assistant Professor
Finance • CU Real Estate Center • Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making

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Emily Gallagher is an assistant professor of finance in the real estate track of the Leeds School of Business. Recent papers in household finance examine the effect of changes in U.S. health policy on rent and mortgage delinquency rates, eviction/foreclosure costs, and household savings decisions. Her work often involves quasi-experimental designs, using large policy changes or natural disasters as tools to better understand the financial calculus of households. She has published papers in the Journal of Public Economics, The Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Financial Economics. Among other outlets, her research has been featured in MarketWatch, The Atlantic’s CityLab; AARP Magazine, Vox’s ‘The Weeds’ podcast, Bloomberg, CNBC, Business Insider, Vice, and National Public Radio. She received her Ph.D. in economics from the Paris School of Economics (Sorbonne) and completed her post-doctorate work at Washington University in St. Louis (Olin Business School).  She is also a research fellow at the Federal Reserve Banks of St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Emily teaches Real Estate Finance and Investments, REAL 4100, at the Leeds School of Business.

Selected publications:

“Medicaid and Household Savings Behavior: New Evidence from Tax Refunds,” with Sabat, J., Gopalan, R., & Grinstein-Weiss, M.; Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 136, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 523-546.       

“The Effect of Health Insurance on Home Payment Delinquency: Evidence from ACA Marketplace Subsidies,” with Gopalan, R., & Grinstein-Weiss, M.; Journal of Public Economics (2019) Vol. 172, 67–83.

“Investor Information Acquisition and Money Market Fund Risk Rebalancing During the 2011-12 Eurozone Crisis,” with Schmidt, L., Timmermann, A., & Wermers, R.; The Review of Financial Studies, Volume 33, Issue 4, April 2020, Pages 1445–1483.