Leeds faculty advance thought leadership in CESR’s three focus areas: 1) Business solutions to environmental challenges; 2) Diversity, equity and inclusion; and 3) Ethical leadership. Through original research, they are helping define best practices, and influence business and policy conversations, in critically important areas related to environmental sustainability, social impact and governance (ESG).

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CESR Research Grants & Awards

Each year, CESR recognizes Leeds faculty for research that has already been published with two awards: Best Paper and Highest Impact Paper. In addition, CESR names faculty for the CESR Research Fellowship grant to support ongoing research projects.

Award winning papers focus on issues that are timely, impactful and critically important to sustainability. These works not only are cited and used, but also change the way people think and work.

Best Paper Award

  • 2021: Emily Gallagher, Let the Rich Be Flooded: The Distribution of Financial Aid and Distress after Hurricane Harvey, Journal of Financial Economics (JFE), Forthcoming
  • 2022: Andrea Pawliczek, Nikki Skinner, and Laura Wellman, A New Take on Voice: The Influence of BlackRock’s ‘Dear CEO’ letters, Review of Accounting Studies, 2021, vol. 26, issue 3, No 8, 1088-1136

Highest Impact Paper Award

  • 2021: David Drake, Kicking Ash: Who (or What) is Winning the “War on Coal”?, Production and Operations Management, Volume30, Issue7, July 2021, Pages 2162-2187
  • 2022: Gloria Urrea and Eunae Yoo, The Role of Volunteer Experience on Performance on Online Volunteering Platforms, February 2021

CESR Research Fellowship Grants 2021

  • Sabrina D Volpone, Am I Committed to Addressing Racism? It May Depend on If My Organization Is Sincere about Racial Justice
  • Joshua Steven Nunziato, The Risks and Rewards of Serotonergic Psychedelics for the Ethical Formation of Business Leaders
  • Tony Cookson, Love, Politics, and Money: The Consequences of Intra-Family Partisan Disagreement
  • Asaf Bernstein, Wealth Inequality: The Role of the “Mortgage Piggy Bank”
  • Jonathan Rogers, Socially Responsible Investors and Firm Political Contributions  

CESR Research Fellowship Grants 2022

  • Tony Cookson, Emily Gallagher, and Indeesh Mukhopadhyay Person-to-Person Giving and Inequalities in Post-Disaster Recoveries
  • Eric Alston and Ryan Lewis, Making Water Markets More Liquid? – Institutional Resilience to Weather Shocks
  • Sabrina Volpone, Exploring the Use of Identity Management during the Grief Process in Employees Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

Faculty Thought Leadership in CESR Focus Areas

Companies that are pushing back on SCOTUS
Corporate ESG Policies Respond to SCOTUS

July 18, 2022

At CESR, we focus on helping shape future business leaders who have the skills to consider Environmental sustainability, Social impact and Governance (ESG) as a core component of corporate strategy. The past few weeks have shown why that is so important as the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has issued judgements in two cases, West Virginia v. EPA and Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Journal of Management
(Overcoming) Maternity Bias in the Workplace: A Systematic Review

March 30, 2022

Maternity, a period of transition beginning with prenatal bodily changes and progressing through postnatal lactation, is experienced by up to 66% of working women. Over the past several decades, research on maternity in the workplace has grown exponentially to reveal salient maternity biases that plague women as they navigate their...

Cover of the Handbook on Sustainability
"Entrepreneurs as essential but missing actors in the Sustainable Development Goals" Chapter in "Handbook on the Business of Sustainability"

Feb. 11, 2022

This ground-breaking Handbook uniquely focuses on the business of sustainability, offering a fresh insight and practical solutions to the challenges that businesses face in making human activity sustainable. It is organized into four distinctive themes that cut across levels of analysis and illustrate a rich set of solution contexts that...

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science cover
"Can Advertising Benefit Women's Development? Preliminary Insights from a Multi-Method Investigation,"

Feb. 9, 2022

We examine the interaction effect of country-level aggregate advertising spending and internet access on women’s development. We explain why this interaction effect either enhances or discourages women’s development. Our empirical analysis of aggregate advertising spending across forty-eight countries over five years uncovers a conditional effect. Advertising may have adverse consequences...

Research paper cover
The ethics of diversity ideology: Consequences of leader diversity ideology on ethical leadership perception and organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Jan. 1, 2022

Scholars have suggested that leader diversity ideologies are imbued with ethical or normative content (e.g., Nkomo & Hoobler, 2014). We advance this literature by examining the ethical consequences of leader diversity ideologies. Specifically, we integrate the ethical leadership framework and the theory of recognition to suggest that leaders who communicate...

Blood Money

Oct. 11, 2021

We use dramatic growth in plasma centers between 2014 and 2021 to study the causal effect of the ability to donate plasma on household financial well-being. We find that plasma donation absorbs demand for non-bank credit. Plasma donors tend to be younger and less educated with lower incomes, savings, and...

Review of Acct Studies cover
A New Take on Voice: The Influence of BlackRock’s ‘Dear CEO’ letters

Aug. 27, 2021

We examine whether broad-based public engagement by institutional investors influences the behavior of portfolio firms. We investigate this question in the context of BlackRock’s annual Dear CEO letter, which in recent years has called for portfolio firms to acknowledge and quantify the impact of environmental and regulatory factors on their...

American Economic Association
The Long-Run Effects of School Racial Diversity on Political Identity

March 1, 2021

How do early-life experiences shape political identity? We examine the end of race-based busing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, an event that led to large changes in school racial composition. Using administrative data, we compare party affiliation in adulthood for students who had lived on opposite sides of newly drawn school boundaries...

Production and Operations Management
Kicking Ash: Who (or What) is Winning the “War on Coal”?

Feb. 21, 2021

US coal-fired generating capacity has shed nearly 25% of its footprint between 2011 and 2018. Multiple factors—regulation, natural gas prices, renewable energy adoption, and environmental activism—have each been lauded by various stakeholders for this trend. To improve our understanding of this environmental technology transition, it is important to determine the...

SSRN logo
The Role of Volunteer Experience on Performance on Online Volunteering Platforms

Feb. 17, 2021

Online volunteering platforms allow humanitarian organizations (HOs) to recruit volunteers to work remotely on projects of various urgency levels. While the removal of time and space constraints enables HOs to scale up their volunteer force, HOs must manage greater heterogeneity in volunteers’ experience. We investigate empirically how volunteers’ experience impacts...