How does the Pre-Business program coach students to deal with the increased workload & also the higher expectation of quality of work?

This program is designed to support you on your academic and career path. Facing requirements, grade minimums and rigorous classes can be challenging - especially during your first year at college. With tutoring, classes and support staff in your residence hall, we strive to provide the community, coaching and mentoring you need to succeed at CU and beyond.

My child is not responding to my calls or texts, what can I do?
I’m worried about my child or another student at CU Boulder, who do I contact?
My child or another student I know has experienced traumatic, disturbing, or a life disruptive event. Who do I contact?
Who should I contact with financial questions/concerns?
My child needs to withdraw from the entire semester, how do we do this?
How safe is Williams Village and WVN?
  • Very Safe! Only students who live in the building are able to get up stairs to the dorms.
  • The Hall Director and Residence Assistants staff the front desk 24hrs a day. 
  • Between 8 PM and 8 AM  the exterior doors of the building are locked so that only students who live in the building can get in.
  • 2019 Annual Fire and Safety Report