Incoming freshman who were not directly admitted into The Leeds School of Business but show academic promise are candidates for the Leeds Pre-Business Program. This program is designed as a supportive and preparatory path to transfer into Leeds your sophomore year. Once admitted, students will be able to pursue the pre-requisite courses to prepare for entrance into the Leeds School of Business in their sophomore year.

  • Are there exceptions to living in Andrews Hall?
    • You may qualify for an exception if:
      • You’re a professional student athlete.
      • You’re in ROTC.
      • You qualify for disability services and need accomodations.
      • You’re participating in the Evans Scholars program.
      • Reach out to if you meet any of the above criteria or if you have a special circumstance.
  • How many students are in the PreBusiness community?
    • Approximately 300 participate in the Pre-Business program every year.
  • Transportation options at Andrews Hall?
  • What does roommate selection look like?
  • Will I have an opportunity to connect with current Leeds students?
  • How safe is Andrews Hall?
    • Very Safe! Only students who live in the building are able to get up stairs to the dorms.
    • The Hall Director and Residence Assistants staff the front desk 24hrs a day.
    • Between 8 PM and 8 AM the exterior doors of the building are locked so that only students who live in the building can get in.
    • Annual Fire & Safety Report  

  • How much of my schedule will be business-related courses?
    • To see what a sample schedule would look like, please see the Sample Course Plan below.
  • Where can I view courses ahead of registration?
  • What classes will be in Andrews Hall vs. Main Campus my first year?
    • About half will be in Andrews and half will be on main campus.
  • Average size of classes?
    • The average size of classes is 30 students.
  • When do I register for classes?
    • You’ll choose a registration window after you’ve completed your online studente experience. Typically, you’ll register sometime in July.
  • Is it common for PreBusiness students to participate in FGX?
  • If I want to take an extra elective, how/when do I sign up for it?
    • You’ll choose a registration window after you’ve completed your online student experience. Typically, the window will open in July and you can add/drop/modify your schedule at that time.
  • Course transfer eligibility?
    • Check out for class equivalents at other schools. Be sure to check with your academic advisor before taking classes at another institution outside of CU Boulder.

  • Will I be a Leeds student or a Program in Exploratory Studies student?
    • Technically, you are a Pre-Business Major within the College of Exploratory Studies. However, as part of the Leeds Pre-Business Program you will be given access to all the coursework necessary for a successful transfer into Leeds your sophomore year. If you do not continue on your business school track after your freshman year, you will have applicable credits that apply to a variety of other campus degree programs.

  • When should I start thinking about internships realistically?
    • Typically, after sophomore year is when students need to get serious about looking for internships. You’ll have career advisors helping you every step of the way! Consider exploring options for working on campus your first year:

ECON 2010 Microeconomics
MATH 1112 Mathematical Analysis
BADM 1250 First Year Seminar
General Education Course

ECON 2020 Macroeconomics
BCOR 1015 World of Business
BCOR 1025 Data Analysis (Math 2510)
General Education Course

Pre-Business General Program Inquiries

Vanessa Napier
Associate Director - Leeds Undergraduate Student Services

Heather Venechuk
Academic Advisor

Stephen Heymann
Program Manager