FGX is a two-credit business elective (BADM 1260) taught during the spring semester with a week-long global experience during spring break or May term. FGX lets students get a jump start on study abroad, learn how international issues and cultural differences impact the business world, and take the first step in developing a global mindset.

Some FGX programs are limited to specific Leeds populations, while other FGX programs are open to all Leeds first-year students.

Program cost varies by location, but generally range from $3,300-$4,000. Upon signing the FGX student agreement, a $500 charge will be placed on the CU student account. The remaining balance is due in the spring along with standard CU tuition. Partial scholarships ($1,000 - $1,500) may be awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Students may apply for scholarship consideration through the online FGX enrollment form.

For spring of 2023 we are excited to offer enrollment for first-year students. More information on the enrollment process can be found on the FGX FAQs page. Tentative program locations are listed below.

  • Amsterdam
  • Copenhagen
  • Costa Rica
  • Dubai
  • Greece

  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Tokyo

Please be aware that U.S. passport processing is experiencing delays due to COVID-19. If you are thinking about studying abroad in 2023 and need to apply for a new passport, we recommend applying as soon as possible!

Check back soon for Spring 2023 program details!

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