FGX is a two-credit business elective (BADM 1260) taught during the spring semester with a week-long global experience during spring break or May term. FGX lets students get a jump start on study abroad, learn how international issues and cultural differences impact the business world, and take the first step in developing a global mindset.

Some FGX programs are limited to specific Leeds populations, while other FGX programs are open to all Leeds first-year students.

Program cost varies by location, but generally range from $4,500-$5,200. Upon signing the FGX student agreement in October, a $500 charge will be placed on the CU student account. The remaining balance is due in the spring along with standard CU tuition. Partial scholarships ($1,000 - $2,000) may be awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Students may apply for scholarship consideration through the online FGX enrollment form.

For the spring of 2024, we are excited to offer enrollment for first-year students. More information on the enrollment process can be found on the FGX FAQs page. Tentative program locations are listed below.

Open to all Leeds first-year students:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Paris, France
  • Rome/Florence, Italy

Restricted to Leeds-special programs: 

  • Athens, Greece - Dean's Fellows
  • Delhi/Agra, India - Business & Engineering Women in Technology
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Leeds Honors Program
  • Dublin/Belfast, Ireland - First-year transfer students
  • Lisbon, Portugal - Diverse Scholars Program
  • Tokyo, Japan - Leeds Scholars Program
  • Zurich, Switzerland - Pre-Business

IMPORTANT: U.S. passport processing times are experiencing delays with regular processing taking up to 13 weeks and even expedited processing taking up to 9 weeks. If you are thinking about going abroad in 2024 and need to renew or apply for a new passport, we recommend applying as soon as possible! More information can be found on the State Department's website.

Spring 2024 Program Locations

Theme: Industry and Inclusion
Program Affiliation: All Leeds First-Year Students 
Travel Dates: March 22-29, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,450
Faculty Leader: Amanda Hansen
Program Description: Idyllic Amsterdam with its quaint canals and storybook windmills is also one of the world’s most progressive cities, not to mention, one of its most technologically advanced. It offers all the amenities of a cosmopolitan city – renowned museums, art galleries, music clubs, and theaters – but with a small-town feel where most residents choose bicycles over cars for transportation. Students will learn about the trends and technologies that could change the world in coming years and will have a chance to network with local business school students. The Netherlands is also known for its progressive attitudes. However, there are still several layers of privilege including class, race, gender, and sexual orientation in this complex society. Students will explore how these systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in society. Cultural aspects of this FGX will include a visit to the Keukenhof Tulip Festival, a Dutch cooking class and a visit to Anne Frank’s house.

Theme: Greece: Rebuilding After an Economic Collapse
Program Affiliation: Dean's Fellows
Travel Dates: March 22-30, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,600*
Faculty Leader: Julie Smith
Program Description: In more ways than one, Greece is at a crossroads. For years, its ongoing battle with the Eurozone over debt has dominated the headlines, raising eyebrows and ire in economic and political circles. Still, Greece rose to worldwide prominence, in part because it is at a crossroads – near the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa at what is often called “the cradle of Western civilization.” This course will dive into Greece’s capitalist economy that has faced a series of challenges since the economic collapse of 2008, in addition to exploring the tourism and export industries that drive Greece’s economy. 

Theme: From Global Business Hub to Wild Life Safari Haven: Navigating South Africa’s Path in Today’s Economy
Program Affiliation: All Leeds First-Year Students 
Travel Dates: May 10-19, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,990* 
Faculty Leader: Nancy Chapple
Program Description: Cape Town is a city that effortlessly blends captivating history, vibrant culture, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Explore Cape Town by embarking on an unforgettable tour to Robben Island, where you'll walk in the footsteps of heroes like Nelson Mandela. Feel the profound impact of history as you visit the prison that once held him. We will visit local companies that are navigating the global economy. From innovative tech startups to traditional craft workshops, witness firsthand how Cape Town's businesses adapt, thrive, and contribute to the world market. We will also venture into the untamed wilderness and witness majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. Witness the thrilling sight of a lion's mane against the African sunset or a graceful giraffe bending to drink from a watering hole as we go on a trip to the Aquila Game Reserve. We’ll also explore Cape Town's renowned culinary scene. Savor diverse flavors that mirror our multicultural heritage, from tantalizing street food to partaking in hands-on South African cuisine cooking classes where we will create and savor our own dishes.

Theme: From Vikings to Lego: How Denmark and Scandinavia are the happiest places on Earth
Program Affiliation: All Leeds First-Year Students 
Travel Dates: May 9-16, 2024
Approximate Cost: $5,050*
Faculty Leader: Kevin Schaub
Program Description: Learn how Denmark has gone from a nation of Vikings to the epicenter of the happiest region on Earth: Scandinavia. We will visit businesses located in and around Copenhagen while learning how Denmark and its Scandinavian cousins have taken on leadership roles in sustainability and renewable energy. We’ll experience first-hand its efficient, carbon-neutral metro as we explore Copenhagen’s cultural sites, including Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, Nyhavn Harbor, and the Little Mermaid. And we will also take a day trip, island hopping to neighboring Sweden to further our understanding of Scandinavia.

Theme: Business Growth in the UAE
Program Affiliation: Leeds Honors Program
Travel Dates: March 22-31, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,500*
Faculty Leader: Dr. Marcia Kwaramba
Program Description: Learn why the UAE has become a key international trade hub between the East and West. Visit Dubai’s diverse businesses and rich cultural sites. Shop in the local souks, ski indoors, or go to the top of the world’s tallest building. Take a day excursion to the capital city of Abu Dhabi and see the gorgeous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque along the way. Don't miss the chance to experience the grandeur of the UAE!

Theme: The Emerald Isle is Anything but Green
Program Affiliation: Leeds First-year transfer students
Travel Dates: March 22-30, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,550*
Faculty Leader: Meghan Van Portfliet
Program Description: Ireland is a small, conveniently located island that has capitalized on international trade and foreign direct investment to catapult its economy to #2 on the IMF GDP per capita report. However, they rank in the bottom five for the UN sustainability index in several areas relating to the environment and are 8th out of 14 countries overall in the index. For these reasons and more, Ireland is a great place to study the challenges that businesses and governments face with balancing sustainability with attracting international trade.

Theme: Business, culture, and history at the edge of the world
Program Affiliation: Diverse Scholars Program
Travel Dates: May 10-18, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,915*
Faculty Leader: Sarah Cowan
Program Description: Perched at the westernmost edge of the European continent, Lisbon was once thought to be the edge of the modern world. This hilly seaport town has a rich history (older than that of Paris, Rome, or London) of global commerce and influence: as the launching point for the Age of Discovery; as the nexus of a colonial empire that stretched across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America; and as a founding member of the euro currency and the European Union. Above all, Lisbon is resilient. Through natural disasters, political upheaval, and economic crises, the city – and her citizens – have endured. In this course, students will explore how this rich history is woven into the Portuguese economic, political, and social landscape of today by meeting with local students, visiting companies from established and burgeoning industries alike, and exploring this beautiful city. “The end of the world” is just the beginning.

Theme:  Understanding the intersection of technology and global business from a women’s perspective.
Program Affiliation:BEWiT Program (Business + Engineering Women in Technology) 
Travel Dates: March 22-31, 2024
Approximate Cost: $3,800*
Faculty Leader: Darrell Zechman
Program Description: India is a vibrant and complex country – home to more than 1.4 billion people (the world’s most populous).  With robust economic development, a focus on technical education of the workforce and a rich cultural history, we will visit New Delhi, India.  Exploring the role women play in the global tech economy, we will visit several tech giants in New Delhi, partner with a local women’s group and take advantage of the ancient (and modern!) sites of New Delhi and Agra (of course, no trip to India is complete without a trip to the spectacular Taj Mahal).

Theme: Vive L’Entrepreneur: Startups in the City of Light
Program Affiliation: All Leeds First-Year Students 
Travel Dates: May 10-17, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,990*
Faculty Leader: Elmer Ramos
Program Description: “Entrepreneur” is originally a French word, loosely translated as “adventurer.” So we’ll embark on an adventure to learn how entrepreneurship – and business, in general – is evolving in France. Paris is now a beckon for startups, as political, economic, and social forces become more supportive of new ventures. The City of Light provides a fascinating backdrop, as it blends rich tradition and bold transformation. We’ll study it all amid the unforgettable landmarks, food and culture of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Theme: The Eternal City and the City of Lilies: Exploring the Intersection of Food, Art, Culture, and Sport
Program Affiliation: All Leeds First-Year Students 
Travel Dates: May 10-17, 2024
Approximate Cost: $4,800-$5,000*
Faculty Leader: Michael Jennings, Michael.Jennings-2@Colorado.edu
Program Description: Come discover the heart of Italy as we enjoy the cultural, artistic, and architectural center of Western Civilization.  Who keeps a family-run gelato business operating for over 100 years?  What prompted leading fashion houses like Fendi, Tod’s, and Bulgari to help restore heritage buildings?  Where can you find the tastiest gastronomic delights that craft export-led business opportunities?  Who has a more passionate futbol fanbase – Lazio or AS Roma?  Can a family-run vineyard really win so many awards?  Is there a magical way to craft wood-oven-fired Italian pizza?  Are leather purses, bags, or jackets more stylish?  Which is more stunning – the Sistine Chapel, the Forum, the Duomo, or Michelangelo’s David?

When in Italy, do as the Romans – seek answers!

Theme: Understanding the complexity of global business through a US-Japan perspective
Program Affiliation: Leeds Scholars Program
Travel Dates: May 9-18, 2024
Approximate Cost: Please contact Alyssa Radtke
Faculty Leader: Alyssa Radtke
Program Description: Japan is where old meets new. Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan area, is famous for its bustling intersections (the world’s busiest), bullet trains (the world’s first), densely packed skyscrapers (some of the world’s tallest), and sci-fi neon lights (among the world’s brightest). Yet this modern metropolis is also home to centuries-old family-run businesses, sacred shrines that date to the 7th century AD, and blossoming cherry trees older than the United States. It’s a fascinating place to study global business. As we explore this complex city, both ancient and modern, we’ll partner with a local university to examine business issues through a joint US-Japan perspective.

Cities: Zurich 
ThemeExploring the Swiss Banking, Chocolate, Tech, and Tourism Industries
Program Affiliation: Pre-Business Program
Travel Dates: May 10-17, 2024
Approximate Cost: $5,100*
Faculty Leader: Vanessa Napier
Program Description: Founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago, Switzerland’s largest city is a global financial center. Quiet, quaint but intriguingly modern and increasingly hip, it’s also been chosen as one of the top ten “most livable” cities in the world. During this program, we will explore the finance and banking sectors, compare Switzerland and Colorado’s tourism, ski, and tech industries, and visit the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer.

 *Prices are initial estimates and are subject to change before the enrollment date. Program locations are also subject to change and will ultimately be confirmed by Leeds Global.

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