Leeds Global Internships

A global internship allows students to combine a professional work experience with study abroad. While interning abroad, students will develop sought-after professional skills such as intercultural competency, critical thinking, adaptability, self-confidence, and global awareness. Students will also have the opportunity to create a global network, gain industry experience, and increase their marketability when seeking future employment.

To support these experiences, Leeds Global Programs has established a list of internship programs that are pre-approved for academic credit and taught by a Leeds faculty member. While abroad, students will also participate in a virtual class and earn six credits of business electives (INBU 4910) by completing the following:

  • At least two class meetings at Leeds before departing for their internship

  • Blog posts

  • Bi-weekly online calls while abroad

  • Projects that include a consulting paper, supervisor evaluation & video of the experience

  • 32+ hours a week at an internship placement abroad