Six credit hours of international coursework (taken at CU or abroad) are needed to complete the Global Business Certificate. This includes international business electives, courses in economics, geography, history, international affairs, language or political science taken at the 2000-level or higher.

The following lists of pre-approved international electives are all offered at CU Boulder. Students may also take their international coursework while abroad and can find a list of available courses and programs here.

For any courses that are not pre-approved for the certificate, students must submit a syllabus and course information to Leeds Global Programs for approval prior to taking the course.

Business Courses (count as business electives)

  • Any of the core international business courses not applied toward the core course requirements
  • Any Leeds Global Seminar not applied toward the core course requirements
  • BADM 1260 - First-Year Global Experience*
  • ORGN 3010 - Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • ACCT 4827/CESR 4827 Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies
  • INBU 4910/4999SA - Global Internship**

*Only counts for 2 credits toward the 6 total credits

**Only 3 credits of INBU 4910 may be used toward the 6 total credits

Language Courses

Any language course taken at CU or abroad can count towards one of the two international electives. High school AP language credit does not count.

Arts and Sciences Courses

  • ECON 3403 International Economics
  • ECON 3784 Economic Development and Policy
  • ECON 4292 Migration, Urbanization and Development
  • ECON 4413 International Trade
  • ECON 4423 International Finance
  • ECON 4433 Economics of the Pacific
  • ECON 4514 Economic History of Europe
  • ECON 4774 Economic Reform in the Developing Countries
  • ECON 4784 Economic Development
  • GEOG 3662 Economic Geography
  • GEOG 3672 Gender and Global Economy
  • GEOG 3682 Geography of International Development
  • GEOG 3742 Place, Power, and Contemporary Culture
  • GEOG 3812 Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
  • GEOG 3822 Geography of China
  • GEOG 3862 Geography of Africa
  • GEOG 4292 Migration, Urbanization and Development

  • GEOG 4712 Political Geography
  • GEOG 4732 Population Geography
  • GEOG 4812 Environment and Development in South Africa
  • GEOG 4822 Geography and Modernity in China
  • GEOG 4882 Russian Commonwealth
  • GEOG 4892 Geography of Western Europe
  • PSCI 2012 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSCI 2028 Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
  • PSCI 2223 Intro to International Relations
  • PSCI 3032 Latin American Political Systems
  • PSCI 3072 Government and Politics in Southeast Asia
  • PSCI 3082 Political Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • PSCI 3143 Problems in International Relations
  • PSCI 3163 American Foreign Policy
  • PSCI 3193 International Behavior
  • PSCI 4002 Western European Politics

  • PSCI 4012 Global Development
  • PSCI 4052 Political Systems of China, Japan, and Korea
  • PSCI 4062 Emerging Democracies of Central and E. Europe
  • PSCI 4091 Comparative Urban Politics
  • PSCI 4102 Government and Politics of Israel
  • PSCI 4122 Military in Politics: Latin America and the U.S.
  • PSCI 4173 International Organization
  • PSCI 4183 International Law
  • PSCI 4213 Europe in the International System
  • PSCI 4223 Soviet and Russian Diplomacy
  • PSCI 4272 Political Economy of Industrial Societies
  • PSCI 4703 Alternative World Futures
  • PSCI 4752 Seminar: Central and Eastern European Studies
  • PSCI 4783 Global Issues
  • PSCI 4792 Issues on Latin American Politics
  • SEWL 2000 America, the Environment, and the Global Economy

For students who enrolled in Leeds prior to fall 2020, please refer to this list of requirements.