The Marketing PhD program prepares students to advance knowledge on the complex interactions between consumers and markets. Students work collaboratively with faculty and gain the experimental, quantitative and analytical skills necessary to conduct research on the drivers of consumer behavior, the mechanisms of consumer decision-making and the indicators of firms’ strategic success.

Research interests of marketing faculty and doctoral students include consumer financial decision-making, marketing communication and persuasion, innovation, pricing, corporate social responsibility, social network effects, and social listening.

World-class training

Marketing PhD students are trained to become thought leaders in academic marketing research. The curriculum provides expert-level training in statistical and experimental methods, quantitative marketing, predictive modeling and theory building.

We employ a junior-collaborator training model: Our award-winning faculty leverage their expertise to help students grow into independent thinkers. Doctoral students build a portfolio of research projects that are relevant to many stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners and policy-makers.

Additional information about our Marketing faculty can be found here

General details about the curriculum, requirements, and structure of the program can be found here. Please be aware this document is not an exhaustive list of the requirements for the Program.

How to Apply

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