Distinguish yourself with a dual degree

The Leeds School of Business offers 8 dual degree options with other highly–renowned graduate programs on the CU–Boulder campus and an MBA/MS STEM dual degree housed within the Leeds School. Dual degrees give full-time MBA students the opportunity to build expertise in multiple disciplines creating greater career marketability. The dual degree programs allow you to earn two degrees together in less time than earning them sequentially. Note: Evening MBA students are not eligible for dual degree programs.

You must apply to and meet the application and admissions standards of each program separately. All of the dual degree options offered at the Leeds School require 43 credit hours in the MBA program. When pursuing a dual degree program you must complete the requirements for both degrees in order to receive either one of them.

Featured Dual Degrees

MBA/MS STEM-designated degree at the Leeds School of Business

In today’s technology- and data-driven business world, Leeds’ two-year, STEM-designated MBA/MS dual degree allows students to gain specific technical skills of an MS degree while obtaining a broad business acumen provided by an MBA.

The combination of two degrees allows students to develop a valuable business toolkit—including leadership, critical thinking and communication skills—and specialized knowledge in the STEM-designated areas of either Business Analytics or Supply Chain Management. In addition, this STEM-designated degree program gives international students the benefit of being work eligible for up to three years post-graduation.

Dual degree students will be required to complete 37 hours of MBA coursework and 33 hours of MS STEM coursework, for a total of 70 hours in both programs. For more information, contact Andrea Young, assistant director, Leeds Graduate Programs Admissions at andrea.young@colorado.edu or 303-492-8712.

MBA/MS STEM information Sheet

JD/MBA with the University of Colorado Boulder Law School

You may earn both an MBA degree and a Juris Doctor degree in the four-year JD/MBA program. An applicant may elect the dual degree program at the time of initial application to both schools; or a student enrolled in the applicable degree program of either school

Students may, during his or her first year of study under the degree program of that school, apply for admission to the other school and elect to be enrolled under the dual degree program Enrolling the first year exclusively at one program you will continue the second year exclusively in the other program. JD/MBA students take elective courses in both schools during the third and fourth years of the combined degree program.

Students must complete a total of 43 credit hours in the business school and 77 credit hours in the law school to earn both degrees. For more information, visit the Colorado Law website, phone 303.492.0610, or email J. Brad Bernthal at brad.bernthal@colorado.edu.

JD/MBA information Sheet

MBA/MD with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

A 5-year, full-time dual degree program. As the medical field rapidly changes and evolves—with new technologies, shifting professional roles, a dynamic public policy landscape, and new healthcare delivery models—physicians need leadership skills now more than ever to tackle complex issues and ensure high standards of care.

In the modern healthcare system, the most effective practitioners are those fluent in business fundamentals. Armed with problem-solving and systemsthinking skills, these physicians are empowered to shape healthcare and deliver exceptional outcomes for their patients.

With the MD/MBA dual degree, students acquire expertise in business essentials like leadership, finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, innovation and social responsibility. As collaborative leaders, these medical professionals with business fundamentals are positively impacting patient care and healthcare delivery by leveraging their knowledge in powerful  new ways.

To ensure student success—both academically and professionally—admission to the program is competitive. Each application undergoes a holistic review, including an evaluation of academic strengths and a high-level assessment of compatibility with the Leeds MBA program. Become a next-generation leader in medicine leedsgrad@colorado.edu or 303-492-8397

MBA-MD Information Sheet

MBA/MENV with the Masters of the Environment (MENV) Graduate Program

The MBA Dual degree with the MENV opens numerous possibilities for your future. This option allows you to complete two specialized Master's degrees in less time than it would take to earn both separately.

An MBA degree in combination with the MENV degree will provide you with a powerful set of tools and knowledge to expand your career options. The MBA offers a valuable business toolkit—including leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.

During the MENV students will choose a specialization; MENV specializations include: Environmental Policy; Public Lands and Natural Resources; Renewable and Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Food Systems; and Urban and Regional Sustainability.

Dual degree students will be required to complete 43 hours of MBA coursework and 39 hours of MENV coursework, for a total of 82 hours in both programs. For more information, contact Andrea Young, assistant director, Leeds Graduate Programs Admissions at andrea.young@colorado.edu or 303-492-8712

MBA/MENV Information Sheet

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