Entrepreneurs in Residence

The Entrepreneurs in Residence program at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship connects entrepreneurial campus groups, clubs and programs to forerunners within the Boulder community in order to provide students with the resources and capabilities they need to learn and experience entrepreneurship. 

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You can also email us at deming@colorado.edu with questions or to learn more about the program. 

Community Workshops

The purpose of our Colorado Community Entrepreneurial Workshop series is to elevate the conversation around entrepreneurship and innovation in rural communities across the state. These workshops are hosted in communities like Durango, Buena Vista, and Eagle/Summit County; areas that traditionally have fewer programs in place to support the education of current and potential community business owners.
Our workshops are ideal for companies looking to grow and scale their ventures. At its core, the goal of each workshop is to help elevate the conversation around entrepreneurship and innovation throughout rural Colorado, thus driving economic development and job creation. Each attendee will leave with a framework and tool set to help them make smart decisions about entrepreneurship in their life moving forward.

Engage with Deming

The Deming Center transcends the boundary of academics and co-curricular programming by engaging students both in the classroom and through hands-on learning experiences. We welcome alumni, entrepreneurs, and interested community members to engage with our programming through a range of opportunities. What best aligns with your experience and schedule?

Share your ...


Tell our students about your experiences (good and bad!) as an entrepreneur through a guest lecture or lunch and learn.


Mentor students (teams or individuals) through the venture planning process. Propose real-life problems for students to solve through classroom projects. Share your valuable insights with students through a guest lecture or a lunch and learn workshop. Travel to a Colorado community as a guest lecturer for an innovation or economic development workshop.


Participate as a guest judge in a student competition or volunteer to coach students in the business minor capstone course. Help the Deming Center build our global entrepreneurship programming.