Leeds School of Business Pre Business Program
Program overview

Incoming freshman who were not directly admitted into The Leeds School of Business but show academic promise are candidates for the Leeds Pre-Business Program. This program is designed as a supportive and preparatory path to transfer into Leeds your sophomore year. Once admitted, students will be able to pursue pre-requisite courses to prepare for entrance into the Leeds School of Business in their sophomore year.

The Leeds School of Business is the eighth oldest business school in the United States. Today, the school enrolls more than 3,300 undergraduate and graduate students in degree programs that include accounting, finance, marketing, and management. The school is home to top-tier faculty, in-house career and mentoring programs, and a number of centers including the Burridge Center for Finance, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and the CU Real Estate Center. Student’s also have the opportunity to customize their business degree and earn one of the many certificate Leeds offers to their students.

See the Business Major page for more detailed information on what you can do with a business degree.

  • Guaranteed admission into Leeds with successful completion of the program. (Admission through the IUT process is limited to space availability.)
  • Stay on track for a four year graduation.
  • Participate in the Pre-Business RAP and take business courses in the residence hall.
  • Personalized advising with a Leeds advisor, in addition to the student’s primary college advisor.
  • Pre-registration into required courses to ensure a seat is reserved.
  • Specialized freshman seminar to help students explore business fields, provide a connection to Leeds and prepare them for success in Leeds as a sophomore.
  • Access to BCOR 1015, MATH 1112, BADM 1250, and BADM 1260 (all of which are restricted courses for Business majors only).
  • Academic support and career-focused programming and workshops.
  • Holistic review for Leeds admission.
  • In-house faculty office hours and tutoring.

  • Pre-Business students are required to live in Williams Village North and participate in the Pre-Business RAP. The RAP program’s fee is $850 and scholarships are available!
  • Students are required to complete the following courses with a grade of B- or better:
  • Math Analysis for Business (MATH 1112) Taken in Williams Village North
  • Microeconomics (ECON 2010)
  • Macroeconomics (ECON 2020)
  • Statistics (MATH 2510)
  • A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and 2.0 business GPA required for admission to Leeds.
  • There will be flexibility on the requirements (only for Pre-Business students) and students are reviewed holistically at the end of term.

  • If you applied directly to The Leeds School of Business then you have automatically been evaluated for admission to Pre-Business and given an invitation to participate in the program if you qualified. Contact prebusiness@colorado.edu if you have any questions about this process.

  • If you did not get an invitation to be a part of this program, you may still follow the Intra-University Transfer (IUT) process for transfer to Leeds. (Admission through the IUT process is limited to space availability.)

  • Fee:  All Residential Academic Programs at the University of Colorado, including the Pre-Business RAP, charge an $850 participation fee.  This is a one-time fee which will be charged to the student’s account at the beginning of the academic year.  The fee is non-refundable after the first day of class.

    Fee Scholarships: Scholarships to cover the $850 participation fee are available based on a student’s financial need.  Students who wish to be considered for a RAP fee scholarship must contact the Pre-Business RAP by email at PreBusiness@colorado.edu

Sample Course Plan

Fall 2018
ECON 2010 Microeconomics
Math 1112 Mathmatical Analysis
BADM 1250 First Year Seminar

Spring 2019
ECON 2020 Macroeconomics
BCOR 1015 World of Business
BCOR 1025 Data Analysis (Math 2510)