Accounting students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the theory and concepts that underlie accounting practice. Coursework emphasizes logical reasoning and the development, understanding, and use of information, enabling students to solve problems in accounting and management while making informed accounting policy decisions.


The Finance Area of Emphasis addresses issues in the financial services and securities area. Curriculum introduces students to financial management, money and capital markets, investments and derivative securities, and financial institutions. Students obtain the core knowledge they’ll need for entry-level positions in any area of financial management.

Management and Entrepreneurship

Customizable and immediately applicable, Management and Entrepreneurship students are team-oriented, horizontally organized and globally competitive. To ensure close alignment with their professional aspirations, this Area of Emphasis offers students four different tracks to choose from: Information Analytics, Leadership, Operations Management, Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Talent Management.


Lead by a marketing faculty that is among the top 20 in the world, marketing students learn how to strategically influence business practices by identifying customer desires, developing products and services to meet those demands, establishing communications to promote products and services, and monitoring transactions and customer responses to guide future activities.

Real Estate

Students in the Real Estate Area of Emphasis explore the link between real estate and capital markets while developing real estate decision-making skills and analyzing opportunities.